The State of IoT in Asia Pacific with Charles Reed Anderson

The State of IoT in Asia Pacific with Charles Reed Anderson
Charles Anderson from IDC discussed the state of Internet of Things (IoT) in 2016 & dived deep to how the Asian countries & companies are prioritising their efforts in the space.

Charles Reed Anderson from IDC joined us to discuss the state of Internet of Things (IoT) in Asia Pacific. We started with the analysis of the IoT market maturity index across China, India and the rest of Asia Pacific, and dissected how Asian companies are currently prioritising their objectives with Internet of Things. In our review, we dived deep to the state of wearables with the healthcare industry looking to be a new market opportunity for many Asian tech giants such as Samsung, and last but not least, we look at what’s next in the upcoming half year till 2017.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Charles Anderson (@CRASingapore, LinkedIn), Vice President, Head of Mobility and Internet of Things Asia Pacific, IDC
  • Internet of Things: What’s hot, What’s Not and What’s Next 
    • What has been happening in the first half of 2016 for Internet of Things? [1:20]
    • Overview of IoT so far
      • 8.6B Connected “things” and $508B market opportunity by 2019: What are these 8.6B things and what are the market opportunity? [1:58]
      • How does one access IoT market maturity by 2019? How are the Asian countries accessed on the IoT market maturity chart based on IoT units/capita? Which countries will break out in the next few years? [2:42]
      • Specifically on China, how does the IoT market maturity vary in different tiers of cities in China? [4:55]
      • What did we see back in 2015 and where are we now in the first half of 2016? [5:41]
        • Skills shortage in the region
        • Nobody is writing blank cheques
      • From now to the next few years, how does one make the reality check for IoT deployment in Asia Pacific? [6:40]
    • What’s hot? [7:35]
      • What does the public sees and what has been delivered in the IoT space? [7:35]
      • Which are the top 5 Asia Pacific IoT used cases? [9:49]
        • Increase productivity
        • Improve product quality/time to market
        • Process automation
        • Cost Reduction
        • Faster/better decision making
      • How does that contribute to operational excellence? [11:15]
        • 12% of Asia Pacific enterprises see IoT as an opportunity for revenue generation.
        • 8% of Asia Pacific IoT initiatives were internationally focused in 2015.
      • Where are the Asia Pacific IoT initiatives focused on in 2015? 
      • What factors hinder IoT solutions in Asia Pacific? What kind of challenges that they must address? [12:34]
        • Security is really a concern?
        • Conflation of security and privacy. [14:01]
      • Who holds the budget in the decision making process? Which group drove the IoT solution decision? [14:41]
      • Specifically for Australia and Singapore, why are the business units own the IoT budgets as compare to China where the technology team own it?
    • What’s not?
      • Let’s start from wearables, we see Fitbit not doing well in the public markets. Why is it so? [16:18]
      • What are the next waves for wearables? [17:54]
      • Is healthcare the real opportunity for the wearables growth [18:50]
        • Example of Bosch where the operations team use smart watches in cold weather. [19:05]
      • What are the different approaches in the conversation to shift what’s not to what’s yes for IoT? [19:41]  
    • What’s next? 
      • An interesting case example: Demand Logic focus on smart buildings. [20:52]
      • What are the interesting technologies in the IoT horizon? [22:05]
        • IoT at the edge [22:16]
      • How does one establish the business case for IoT to work for example in Smart meter costs? [22:47]
      • What keeps Charles awake at night on the movement of IoT? [25:00]

Interesting diagrams from the discussion:

IoT Market Maturity in 2019 (IoT Units/Capita)



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