New Questions in Mobile, the Asia Edition with Sameer Singh

New Questions in Mobile, the Asia Edition with Sameer Singh
Sameer Singh discuss and debate on the new questions in mobile from an Asian perspective.

Sameer Singh (@sameer_singh17) from comes online with our host Bernard Leong (@bleongcw) to discuss and debate with an Asian perspective on Benedict Evans’ recent piece “New Questions in Mobile”. We first return to a lost discussion where we discuss Uber and its recent problems in Asia and categorically provide an answer to some US pundits that it’s virtually impossible for Google to acquire Uber. Then we discuss Xiaomi with their recent sales figures, fundraising and also what lies ahead for them, and finally discuss the fate of Android OEMs using economic principles, an educated guess to where Google will take Android, and Facebook’s messaging app dilemma in whether to attack Asia’s top messaging apps: WeChat, LINE & Kakao Talk with either Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. Finally, we end with a discussion on why wearables may not be the next big thing but something in Japan that may hold the key to the future.

Here are the interesting links on companies and articles which form the basis for our discussion:

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