Map of the Money in Southeast Asia with Arnaud Bonzom

Map of the Money in Southeast Asia with Arnaud Bonzom
Arnaud Bonzom discussed the map of the money version 4 project with Florian Cormu and the ongoing trends in fundraising & venture capital in Southeast Asia.

Arnaud Bonzom from 500 Startups joined us for a conversation on the launch of his recent project, “Map of the Money” version 4 jointly with Florian Cornu. We discussed the ongoing trends in venture capital and fundraising across Southeast Asia from how seed stage funds have matured to series A and B funds now to the official list of “unicorns” in Southeast Asia. Last but not least, Arnaud offered some thoughts to how one should approach fundraising in Southeast Asia.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Arnaud Bonzom (@arnaudbonzom, LinkedIn, Slideshare), Director of Corporate Innovation @ 500 Startups
    • Re-Introduction and what have you been up to? [0:57]
  • Map of the Money version 4 for Southeast Asia by Florian Cornu (MAVA project) and Arnaud Bonzom [1:16]
    • How did the “Map of the Money” start in the first place? What was the first edition like? Originally made by Wong Meng Weng from JFDI and now Legalese [1:40]
    • What happened and why did Florian and you decide to work on a new version into a website? [2:40]
    • What are the main features for anyone who are using the map of the money website? [4:38]
    • How are the future versions for “Map of the Money” with venture capital firms from the region, US, China and Japan? [7:09]
      • They plan to add impact investors, super angels, private equity funds and global funds into the future versions.
    • L Capital’s strong activity as a private equity firm in Southeast Asia. [9:03]
    • What are the major trends that you have observed in putting together this map? [9:30]
      • The entrance of US Venture Capital in Southeast Asia – what has changed from 5 years ago and what are the new players in town now? [10:02]
      • Emergence of new seed venture capital: what are the main funds and how do they invest? 
        • SeedPlus and 500 Startups new fund
        • Golden Gate Ventures, Jungle Ventures, Wavemaker and Monk’s Hill Ventures
        • Sequoia Capital
      • Is there a competition between global funds and local VC funds in Singapore? [11:09]
      • Seed funds graduating to Series A: Which are the funds that have evolved and how did they move from seed to series A? Has their footprint grown more regional? [14:48]
      • Corporate venture funds: What are the corporations within the region that have set up their corporate venture funds? [16:00]
        • Evolution of corporate venture funds: Singtel Innov8, Capitaland, SPH, UOB, DBS, OCBC, Accenture.
      • Ignition of Series B: Which are the funds that are in the space and how do they operate? [18:53]
        • Eduardo Saverin’s B Capital Group with BCG.
    • What are some of the major milestones that have happened in Southeast Asia which demonstrate maturity of the ecosystem? [19:35]
    • Will there be important categories in the venture capital space? [24:05]
    • Which are the 5 “official” unicorns in Southeast Asia? [25:32]
    • What are the key things that one should know when going to do fundraising? [27:35]

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