Twilio in Asia & Product Management with Patrick Malatack

Twilio in Asia & Product Management with Patrick Malatack
Patrick Malatack from Twilio joined us to discuss the footprint of the company in Asia Pacific and his perspectives on product management.

Patrick Malatack, vice president of product management from Twilio joined us in a conversation to discuss the footprint of the communications platform company in Asia Pacific. We discussed the various products and services of Twilio and how they have evolved over the years, and how traditional and technology companies are building interesting business applications on the platform. Patrick also shared his perspectives in product management and where it will head in the next 5 years.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Patrick Malatack, VP of Product Management, Twilio (@patrickmalatack, LinkedIn)
    • How did you start your career? [0:37]
    • From Microsoft to Twilio, what are the interesting career lessons you can share? [2:00]
  • Twilio in Asia Pacific [3:04]
    • Can you provide an overview of the company Twilio to our audience? [3:12]
    • What are the interesting products and services do Twilio offer to the customers since it has evolved from its early days? [4:50]
    • Twilio’s programmable chat service. [6:20]
    • Twilio is trusted among global brands such as Airbnb and Uber and can you talk about how traditional organisations are using them? [7:25]
      • Examples include: ING Bank, Nordstrom, Coca Cola
    • What is the current coverage of Twilio in Asia? [9:34]
    • Does Twilio need to customise its products in Asia? [10:29]
    • Can you share some interesting case study that Twilio has successfully done with their clients in Asia? For example, Chope. [11:30]
    • Twilio’s video SDK and its applications in healthcare and education. [12:50]
    • What are the best practices for businesses out there to use Twilio [15:03]
  • Product Management [16:46]
    • What are the key traits of a good product manager? [17:04] 
    • How does a good product manager balance between business and technology needs? [18:23]
    • How do you see product management change in the next 5 years? [19:45]

Podcast Information:

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