Trends & Predictions for China Tech Industry 2017 Part 2 with Rhea Liu

Trends & Predictions for China Tech Industry 2017 Part 2 with Rhea Liu
Rhea Liu from China Tech Insights, Tencent discussed China's venture capital climate, the Chinese consumer's behaviour & the globalisation strategies of Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent in the 2nd part of the conversation.

Rhea Liu from China Tech Insights, Tencent joined in a 2 part conversation on their recent published report “Trends and Predictions for China tech industry in 2017”. In the second part, we discussed how the Baidu-Alibaba-Tencent axis are going global,  and the venture capital investment appetite and climate in China with where the major trends and categories for technology are going.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Rhea Liu, (LinkedIn, @yushan_l), Analyst at China Tech Insights by Tencent (@CNTechInsights, Wechat: ChinaTechInsights)
  • Trends and Predictions for China tech industry in 2017 (English, Chinese) [0:39]
    • Globalisation of Chinese tech companies [0:59]
      • How are the Chinese tech companies going global? [1:10]
      • Do you foresee China companies adopt a mergers and acquisitions strategy to other markets while US companies such as Google push their brand? [2:30]
      • How do they handle the strategy tax of having two systems – one within the Great Firewall of China and the one outside where it’s open to the US tech companies? [6:45]
    • Opportunities for the China Consumer Market [8:40]
      • What are the three opportunities that the report has specifically identified? [8:50]
    • Venture Investment in China for 2017 [14:41]
      • What is the venture investment climate in China for 2017? [14:50]
      • Does the venture capital funding go to the early stage or late stage of the startup cycle in China? [16:13]
      • What are the key categories that the report has identified that most investments would go to? [18:24]
      • What are the risks (or cautions) that most investors need to think about in China? [21:00]
      • Do you see venture capital investments flowing out internationally or spent within the huge Chinese domestic market? [22:48]

Author’s Note: The sound quality for BL’s side is not so good for these two episodes due to issues with skype recording. 

Podcast Information:

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