The Evolution of Wechat Ecosystem with Matthew Brennan

The Evolution of Wechat Ecosystem with Matthew Brennan
In the 2nd part of our conversation, Matthew Brennan discussed Wechat's international strategy, the competition for users by brands & businesses, mini-programs & future features in the messaging app.

Matthew Brennan from China Channel joined us in a conversation on the evolution of the Wechat ecosystem. In the second part of our conversation, we discussed their international strategy, the competition for the attention of wechat users by brands and businesses, the progress of the mini-programs and what to expect this year in their product roadmap.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Matthew Brennan, Co-founder of China Channel dot co (, @MattyBGooner , Linkedin, Wechat:Yowdy-CQ)
  • Wechat Ecosystem (Part 2)
    • International Strategy [1:02]
      • Why has Wechat not expanded well beyond China’s shores? [1:02]
      • Can you provide some thoughts to how you see the rest of Asia or Europe will be able to tap into Wechat? [4:12]
      • Does Wechat has to work with other partners to get their expansion strategy working? They have invested in Kakao Talk in Korea, Hike in India and Snapchat in US. [4:50]
    • Competition for users by brands and businesses [6:35]
      • Is Wechat still the easiest way to acquire users? [6:35]
      • According to some sources, we get 60 Wechat users per official account.
      • What are some of the statistics for subscriptions accounts or followers drop in Wechat we should watch out? [8:09]
      • What are the best ways for brands and businesses to acquire and retain users on Wechat in your opinion? [10:00]
    • Progress of Wechat Mini-Programs [11:07]
      • Since the launch of the mini-programs, what is the progress of the mini-programs so far? [11:07]
      • Can you provide a good use case for Wechat mini program? For example, Mobike? [13:10]
    • New features for Wechat [15:36]
      • What are the new features for Wechat we should watch out for? [15:47]
      • Do you see Wechat incorporating AI to make their app better? [19:50]

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