The Taiwan Startup Stadium & Ecosystem with Holly Harrington

The Taiwan Startup Stadium & Ecosystem with Holly Harrington
Holly Harrington joined us to discuss the Taiwan startup stadium and the role it plays with entrepreneurs; the interesting startups & investors within the ecosystem.

Holly Harrington, general manager from Taiwan Startup Stadium joined us on a conversation about the Taiwan startup stadium & ecosystem. We discussed the mission and role of Taiwan Startup Stadium with entrepreneurial ecosystem in Taiwan, the up and coming startups & the nascent investor ecosystem in Taiwan. Last but not least, she discussed the interesting verticals and major challenges of the emerging Taiwan startup scene.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Holly Harrington (@taispy , LinkedIn), General Manager, Taiwan Startup Stadium [0:38]
    • How do you start your career? [1:08]
    • In your career journey, what are the interesting lessons learnt? [2:10]
    • What are the cultural differences given your experience coming from US to Taiwan? [3:33]
  • Taiwan Startup Stadium (@startup_stadium , Facebook) and Ecosystem [5:20]
    • Can you describe the mission and vision of Taiwan Startup Stadium? [5:34]
    • What is the role of Taiwan Startup Stadium within the Taiwanese startup ecosystem? [6:52]
    • Coming outside in, can overseas entrepreneurs join the Taiwan startup stadium & ecosystem? [9:08]
    • How does one navigate the Taiwan startup ecosystem, for example, any important geographical spaces or events for entrepreneurs to go to? [11:21]
    • Relationship of Taiwan startup ecosystem with Silicon Valley: Taiwan has notable alumni from Silicon Valley to China: Jerry Yang of Yahoo!, Steve Chen from Youtube, Charles Wang of Guitar Hero fame & Li Kai Fu. [13:55]
    • What are the interesting startups in Taiwan ecosystem? [14:53]
    • What are the verticals that the Taiwan startup ecosystem are unique for (for e.g. hardware)? [17:55]
    • When there are entrepreneurs, there are investors, who are the key angel investors & venture capital firms involved in the Taiwan startup ecosystem? [22:07]
    • Does the successful Taiwan companies such as Foxconn, TSMC, HTC, MSL, Acer work with the ecosystem? [24:21]
    • What are the key challenges you see in the Taiwan Startup ecosystem? [26:56]

Podcast Information:

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