Sustainable Development in Asia Pacific with Xu Haoliang

Sustainable Development in Asia Pacific with Xu Haoliang
Xu Haoliang, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations discussed sustainable development goals for Asia Pacific during the Responsible Business Forum 2017

Xu Haoliang, Assistant Secretary General for the United Nations and Director, Regional Bureau for Asia & the Pacific joined us in a conversation to discuss sustainable development in the Responsible Business Forum 2017. We discussed how the UNDP are working with different stakeholders from businesses, NGOs and UN agencies on the sustainable goals and how we can align them and at the same time, measure their impact and success for the future.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Haoliang Xu, (@HaoliangXu, Linkedin), Assistant Secretary General for United Nations (@UN, @UNDP, @UNDPasiapac) and Director, Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific (UNDP Asia).  
    • How did you start your career? [1:18]
    • How did you end up in the United Nations and move to your present role today? [1:58]
    • Throughout your career journey, what are the interesting career lessons? [3:06]
  • Responsible Business Forum 2017 and Sustainable Development Goals [4:42]
    • Can you introduce the United Nations’ current coverage in Asia and the Pacific, and what’s your role and coverage as the Assistant Secretary General for the UN? [5:12]
    • How do you define sustainable development from your perspective? [6:39]
    • What are the problems that the Responsible Business Forum are tackling in Asia? [9:33]
    • Comments on corporate social responsibility of companies working with Asian countries and how they contribute to sustainable development [12:24]
    • How do we align the different stakeholders towards the sustainable goals given they have different interests on the issues for example, dealing with poverty? [14:07]
    • How do we measure the performance and impact to these goals? [16:45]
    • How does technology play a role in sustainable development? Do they play a more positive role? [18:46]
    • Where do you see sustainable development goals head in 2-3 years time? [20:35]
  • Closing
    • Can you recommend a book, podcast or something which has helped you in your work or personal life recently? [22:32]
      • Hao Liang’s recommendations: books on education of kids.
    • How do my audience find you (social media)? [24:02]

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