Digital in Asia Pacific 2017 Part 2 with Simon Kemp

Digital in Asia Pacific 2017 Part 2 with Simon Kemp
Continuing our conversation, Simon Kemp dived deeper into the emerging trends in Asia Pacific and his thoughts on why Facebook & Tencent have not gone into a full-scale war over social.

Simon Kemp, founder & CEO of Kepios and global consultant from We Are Social, joined us in a two part discussion on the state of digital in Asia Pacific. In the second part of our conversation, we discussed the emerging social media trends that spanned across China, Japan & Korea and rest of Asia Pacific. Simon shared his perspectives on the additional metrics and data which he want to put in his future reports and explain the intriguing trends that popped up in 2017. Last but not least, we have a deeper conversation in why Facebook and Tencent have not engaged each other in a full scale war over social in Asia Pacific.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Simon Kemp (@eskimon, LinkedIn), Founder & CEO of Kepios, Global Consultant from We Are Social. [0:40]
  • Digital in Asia Pacific 2017 Part 2 [0:58]
    • In your analyses across Asia Pacific, are the digital, mobile and social media trends split between China & Rest of Asia Pacific? [1:16]
      • China [1:37]
      • Japan [7:33]
      • South Korea [10:42]  
      • Rest of Asia Pacific [12:56]
    • What are the most intriguing numbers that you want your audience to know from reading your report? What are the other metrics that you would like to include in your report? [13:59]
    • From looking at the report, what will be the interesting trends coming up in 2018 and what should people watch out for? [18:11]
    • What are the most interesting social media tools that are emerging in Asia Pacific? [21:32]
    • Do you see ad blockers become prominent for Asia to access content? Wechat has ensured that there are less ads and control the user experience while Facebook does exactly the opposite. [24:03]
    • Facebook vs Wechat. I often think that Facebook messenger should have just cloned Wechat and take them on in Asia, and Wechat should challenge Facebook’s dominance in Asia Pacific by shifting to high gear in customer acquisition, why do you think both social media giants are entrenched in their own turfs and not willing to engage each other on their strengths? [29:02]
  • Closing
    • Can you recommend a book, podcast or anything that has been useful to you in work or personal life recently? [36:18]
    • How can my audience find you? [37:32]
      • Simon’s reports on social media can be found here.

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