Tata Communications & Perspectives on IoT & Mobility with Anthony Bartolo

Tata Communications & Perspectives on IoT & Mobility with Anthony Bartolo
Anthony Bartolo from Tata Communications discussed enterprise mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) and their impact across Asia Pacific.

Anthony Bartolo from Tata Communications joined us in a conversation on mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) and their impact on the enterprise level across Asia Pacific. Anthony begin the conversation on his work with Tata Communications and how carrier networks and IoT are changing the landscape in asset management and other applications such as the connected transportation networks within the enterprise space. Last but not least, he shares his observations on the trends in IoT and mobility this year and what it’s coming in the next 2-3 years.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Anthony Bartolo (LinkedIn), President, Business Collaboration, Mobility & IoT solutions, Tata Communications [0:38]
    • How did you start your career? [1:22]
    • In your career journey, what are the interesting lessons learnt? [2:32]
  • Tata Communications [5:05]
    • Can you briefly discuss Tata communications and what it does in the networking space? [5:24]
    • What’s your current role and coverage in Tata Communications? [8:45]
    • The importance of tackling latency in network communications [9:36]
    • What are the products and services provided by Tata Communications in your area of interest? [10:48]
    • Discussion on asset management in the communication networks and IoT space [12:20]
    • Who are the customers to Tata Communications? [13:44]
  • Perspectives on Communications, Networks and IoT [15:00]
    • In your perspective, what are the key critical factors that IoT will eventually gain adoption from customers? [15:00]
      • Example of Mobike bicycle hubs from China to different parts in Asia. [16:30]
    • What is your view on the connected transportation world (bicycles, drones and self-driving cars) with respect to the networks out there? [17:43]
    • What are the most interesting applications of IoT in your opinion? [23:43]
    • There is a difference between consumer and enterprise IoT technologies, and in your opinion, what are your thoughts on the consumer space given you have discussed your perspectives on the enterprise space? [27:15]
    • What are the key trends in business collaboration, mobility and IoT that you are observing in the past year? [30:40]
    • Where do you think mobility and IoT will be in 1-2 years time? [33:09]
    • Do we foresee preferred networks happening in Asia given the different demands from customers on content that are in different scales? [37:00]
  • Closing

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