Google I/O and Apple WWDC 2018 with Ben Bajarin

Google I/O and Apple WWDC 2018 with Ben Bajarin
Ben Bajarin from Creative Strategies discussed the recent Google I/O and Apple WWDC 2018, and recent trends in the semiconductor industry and Intel.

Ben Bajarin from Creative Strategies joined us in a conversation to discuss what happened in the recent Google I/O and Apple WWDC 2018 and its implications on the development of artificial intelligence, voice assistants and the separation of state between tablets and personal computers. We also discussed the recent happenings in Intel and his brief thoughts on the semiconductor industry in Asia.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Ben Bajarin (@benbajarin, LinkedIn, Techpinions profile) from Creative Strategies and Techpinions. [0:27]
    • What have you been up to since we last spoke? [0:38]
    • Intel experienced a recent turmoil with their CEO resigned recently, where do you think that things are going for them? (Reference: Intel’s moment of truth by Ben) [1:30]
    • Who’s likely to be the next Intel CEO and where are they heading with the roadmap of semiconductor chips with their recent acquisition of Mobileye? [4:45]
  • Google I/O and Apple WWDC 2018 [8:20]
    • What are the key major announcements for Google I/O 2018 and Apple WWDC 2018? [8:33]
    • Is the reduction of time usage on the mobile phone a reaction from Apple and Google due to the recent backlash on technology companies? [13:08]
    • Thoughts on kids’ access to smartphones and tablets as digital pacifiers [16:20]
    • Is the smartphone still the centre of the universe against the rise of new platforms: VR/AR and wearables? [17:25]
    • What are the tea leaves you can infer on Siri, Mac and iPad from WWDC 2018?  [20:11]
    • Are Apple and Google heading in the same direction with regards to AI and mobile but diverge on privacy? [24:42]
    • Has Google’s perspectives on hardware increased with their TPU chip for AI and their emphasis on Google Home? [28:08] 
    • Has Apple also shifted their paradigm in terms of how they have decided that they will not tell users what it is good for them as described by your colleague Carolina Milanesi? [30:50] 
    • The semiconductor industry is also undergoing a major shift with the recent ZTE debacle that pushed China to be more independent, ARM now owned by SoftBank and Taiwanese company TSMC in leadership transition, how are these changes affect Google, Apple and other major tech companies in the years ahead?  [34:15]
  • Closing [36:21]
    • Can you recommend a book, movie, podcast or anything else that has recently impact your personal or work life?
      • Ben Bajarin’s recommendation: The Exponent Podcast with Ben Thompson and James Allworth and The Menu Bar by Zac Cichy.
      • BL’s recommendation: Acquired Podcast by David Rosenthal and Ben Gilbert
      • Where can my audience find you?

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