Advertising and Video Landscape in Asia Pacific with Greg Armshaw

Advertising and Video Landscape in Asia Pacific with Greg Armshaw
Greg Armshaw from Brightcove Asia discuss the advertising and video landscape across Asia Pacific & the battle between Tencent & Facebook in Southeast Asia.

Greg Armshaw, head of sales from Brightcove Asia joined us to discuss the advertising and video landscape across Asia Pacific. We discussed his current work and role in Brightcove within the region and his thoughts on how the digital in Asia Pacific is shifting against US and Europe. Last but not least, he discussed his thoughts on how Facebook and Tencent will contest Southeast Asia and how the outcome will be decided.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Greg Armshaw, Head of Sales, Brightcove Asia (LinkedIn, @Innovasian) [0:27]
    • How did you start your career? [1:16]
    • In your career journey, what are interesting career lessons learnt? [3:34]
    • Can you talk about the video platform company, Brightcove? [4:20]
    • What’s your role and coverage in Brightcove for Asia? [5:57]
  • Digital in Asia Pacific vs USA/Europe [6:52]
    • What are the key differences in attitudes to the internet? [7:10]
    • Do you think that the cultural practices in social media platforms also attributed to that difference? [8:54]
  • Advertising and Video Landscape across Asia Pacific [10:59]
    • Netflix has shifted the landscape to how customers access tv shows and videos. Has that also shifted the video landscape in Asia Pacific? [11:04]
    • How US analysts do not appreciate Netflix’s expansion in Asia Pacific, and also why people in Asia Pacific are now viewing movies via mobile. [14:09]
    • Can you talk about how advertising has shifted in Asia Pacific? [18:30]
    • Have big advertising agencies such as WPP Group started to decline with the entrance of US digital agencies and the power of the duopoly (Google and Facebook)? [20:52]
    • Where is the customer when it comes to access for content from devices whether thru streaming or downloading? [26:00]
    • What are the preventions for piracy of original content for both video or more generally for other contact? [27:38]
    • Does customers in Asia Pacific really respond to advertising? [29:59]
    • What are your thoughts on Facebook vs Tencent in Southeast Asia? [31:46]
  • Closing [35:25]
    • Can you recommend a book, movie, podcast or anything else that has recently impact your personal or work life? [35:30]
      • Greg’s recommendation: Malcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History Podcast
      • BL’s recommendation: Lost in Math by Sabine Hossenfelder
    • Where can my audience find you? [36:30] 

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