Rise of IoT in China and 5G across Asia with Charles Anderson

Rise of IoT in China and 5G across Asia with Charles Anderson
Charles Reed Anderson, founder of Charles Reed Anderson & Associates discussed the surprise rise of IoT from China and discussed the progress in how the Asia Pacific telcos are deploying 5G.

Charles Reed Anderson, founder of Charles Reed Anderson and Associates joined us to discuss the surprises that emerge from the IoT industry in Asia Pacific. We discussed why China has emerged the surprise winner of leading the IoT deployment race and whether it will lead the rest of the world in IoT technologies. In the same conversation, we dived into the current status of 5G across Asia Pacific, specifically in Japan with what Rakuten and Softbank are thinking about MVNO, and last but not least, we also discussed how the new SIMs technology are going to disrupt the telcos in the near future.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Charles Anderson (@CRASingapore, LinkedIn), founder of Charles Reed Anderson and Associates. [0:24]
  • The surprises of IoT in 2018 based on the talk “What’s Hot, What’s Not & What’s next” [1:38]
    • We have often established a definition in IoT three years back. Has the definition of IoT changed for the past few years? If it has changed, can you give a definition of IoT and what it covers now? [1:51]
    • Since 2015, we hear the coming explosion of IoT, now we are at 2018, what are the sentiments of the various groups of people towards the technology, for example, the venture capitalists, the vendors and the users? [3:13]
    • How about you as a wearable user and how would you rate and assess IoT in the consumer space? [5:21]
    • The industry has made many predictions on IoT in the past few years from connections to market opportunities. What are the initial predictions and what is the market reality now? [6:35]
    • What happened with the reality not meeting the expectations for the IoT connections and market opportunity? [9:58]
    • Do you think that the peak of inflated expectations for the Gartner cycle of IoT has fallen all the way to the bottom yet? [11:54]
  • The Surprise Rise of IoT in China [13:06]
    • The first is IoT in China. What has happened in China and can you share some data to how IoT has exploded in China? [13:10] 
    • Why did IoT exploded in China? Is it just initial setup growth and will there be a plateau similar to startup growth? [14:55]
    • In the area of LPWans, is NB-IoT the default standard for China? [17:04]
    • Will services enabled by the IoT technology power the growth of IoT in China? [18:03]
  • 5G in Asia Pacific and SIMs technology trends [19:30]
    • Most telcos are now in the beginning phases of 5G deployment. Can you discuss the progress of the telcos and what they have gotten right and wrong in their 5G deployment? [19;36]
    • Are we going in MVNO for 5G? [21:22]
    • Can you give a brief introduction to what MVNO means? [22:50]
    • The networks talks about network slicing. What’s that technology and what does it do? [24:10]
    • Will the telcos deploy two different networks for 5G one for consumer and one for enterprise? [25:26]
    • ESIMs and Virtual SIMs: Can you elaborate how the SIMS technology has changed and and how they will shift the market? What are the implications to smartphone growth? [26:39]
    • Does that mean that data roaming services traditionally provided by the telcos will be disrupted by these new advances in SIMs technology? [28:36]
    • Where and which verticals are or will IoT technologies be disrupting? [29:44]
    • If I ask you at 2020 the same question, which are the predictions on IoT that are likely to happen? [31:31]
  • Closing [33:51]
    • Can you recommend a book, podcast or anything else that has impact to your work and personal life recently? [34:06]
      • Charles’ recommendations: readings on stoicism – Ryan Holiday “The Daily Stoic”
      • BL’s recommendations: Epicurius “The Art of Happiness”
    • How do my audience find you? [34:52]

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