Vizable & Tableau in a Mobile First Asia with Dave Story

Vizable & Tableau in a Mobile First Asia with Dave Story
Dave Story discuss his perspectives on Tableau in a mobile first Asia & discuss their new mobile app, Vizable. 

In this episode, Dave Story, VP, Mobile and Strategic Growth at Tableau Software, joined us for a chat to discuss his perspectives on how Tableau is poised to grow in a mobile first Asia with the vision of analytics everywhere, and their new free mobile app, Vizable, which helps to turn data into beautiful interactive graphs. Sharing his experiences as the CTO of LucasFilm and Move to how he landed his current role in Tableau, Dave also told the back story of Vizable app that combined Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Last but not least, through the conversation, he shared the lessons as a manager of products and focused on asking the right questions on what the product should do rather than figuring out the users first.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with timestamps included):

  • Story of Dave Story
    • Dave Story (@storydavid, LinkedIn)
    • How did he get started in technology?
    • Prior to Tableau, he served as the CTO to LucasFilm, Move Inc, Adobe Systems and Intuit’s Small Business and Personal Group and an entrepreneur-in-residence for Elevation Partners, what are the interesting lessons he has learned through his career?
  • Tableau   
    • A quick intro to Tableau.
    • You are currently the VP of Mobile and Strategic Growth for Tableau, what’s your role and responsibility?
    • How does he see mobile as part of Tableau’s strategy moving forward?
    • What brought him here to Asia and what has he observed about Asia that is interesting for the data analytics and visualisation space?
    • How does Asia factor into the growth equation for Tableau?
    • Do Tableau need to localise and customise their products from US to Asia markets?
    • Recently, Tableau has released a product called Vizable, which is a free app that helps to turn data into beautiful, interactive graphs, what’s the objective of launching this mobile app? (check out this Vizable video)
    • Is there an interesting back story behind the app?
    • What are the major features of the Vizable app?
    • How are the initial feedback from users?
    • Are there any interesting user cases for Vizable app?
    • How does Vizable tap into the ecosystem via Vizable world

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