Hadoop, Cloudera & Big Data with Doug Cutting

Hadoop, Cloudera & Big Data with Doug Cutting
With Doug Cutting, chief architect of Cloudera, we discussed the story of Apache Hadoop and its future development & his thoughts on big data trends.

With Doug Cutting, the chief architect of Cloudera and the co-founder of Apache Hadoop, we discussed his journey from a software engineer to a contributor and creator of several open source software which are widely used today. We also deep dived into Cloudera and Hadoop, and discussed various topics from talent shortage to how Hadoop has been adopted across various industries, most notably, in the finance and banking industry. Along the conversation, Doug shared his perspectives on open source software and advice to aspiring coders in building and maintaining their own software. Finally, we discussed the trend of big data and its implications to security and privacy and how Hadoop will evolve in the near future.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Story of Doug Cutting
    • Doug Cutting (@cutting)
    • How did he get started in technology? [0:49]
    • From research in Xerox PARC to software engineering across Apple, Excite, Yahoo! to Cloudera, what are the interesting lessons Doug can share about his engineering career? [1:55]
    • As part of the Apache Software Foundation as both a committer and director, what are his perspectives in maintaining open source software? [3:20]
    • He is here in Singapore for the Strata + Hadoop World Asia organized by O’Reilly Media, how has been his experience so far? [4:20]
  • Cloudera and Hadoop
    • An introduction to Cloudera as a company and a modern platform for data management and analytics. [5:15]
    • As the chief architect in Cloudera, what is his role and responsibility in the company? [7:24]
    • Many technology companies often incurred technical debt in the process of building and maintaining software, in his opinion, how should a chief architect explain to the business owners in balancing technical debt and business needs? [8:07]
    • As the founder of Apache Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop and Avro, Doug discussed the open source projects in simple words to the laymen. [8:50]
    • The story behind the name Hadoop [11:10]
    • What is his definition of the project founder’s role in open source software projects across the lifespan of the project — benevolent dictator, referee, silent partner? [12:00]
    • What are the interesting contributions from coders in Asia on your open source projects such as Hadoop? [13:55]
    • What makes Hadoop different from other data management platforms? [14:23]
    • What is being done to address the shortage in technical talents with Hadoop skills? [15:18]
    • What are the most interesting applications of Hadoop he has seen interesting technical implementations on? [16:03]
    • Hadoop has been adopted significantly in the financial industry (JP Morgan, Visa), why is that so? [17:14]
    • What’s Doug’s advice for aspiring open source project founders? [18:08]
  • Big data and the future:
    • Where is big data heading in view of the significant role it is increasingly taking in the world of business? [19:14]
    • Where will Hadoop evolve towards within this landscape? [20:08]
    • With so much inundation of data, what are the implications from the viewpoint of security and privacy? [20:50]

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