Semiconductors are eating the world with Ben Bajarin

Semiconductors are eating the world with Ben Bajarin
Ben Bajarin explained why semiconductors are eating the world and an overview of the industry, and also insights on why China is poised to dominate in consumer hardware for the next two decades. 

Ben Bajarin from Creative Strategies and Techpinions joined us in an interesting conversation why semiconductors are eating the world. By giving a broad overview of the industry spanning across the globe with a significant presence in Asia with the major players, Samsung and TSMC, we dissect how the semiconductors industry and Moore’s law are shifting the consumer electronics landscape from personal computers to mobile and now to Internet of Things. With the shift from US to China in manufacturing and hardware, we reflected on why it will be increasingly difficult for US to build their own consumer products and the future of consumer hardware will belong to the Chinese in the next two decades. Last but not least, Ben also shared the interesting insights arise from the recent Glance Conference focusing exclusively on the Apple watch.

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