Our mission is to be a podcast studio that produces and spreads great stories and information about Asia to decision makers around the world.

Asia has a total population of 4.4 billion, represents two thirds of the world population and housed three out of the five major economies in the world (China, India and Indonesia). The countries in Asia have different histories, cultures and social practices and they are now the growth engine for businesses all over the world.

Our story started seven years ago as a podcast project when we want to tell the interesting stories of business, technology & media in Asia to the world. We were hailed as the pioneer podcast for business, technology and media in Asia and we strive to build a high quality product for our audience. We want to cover interesting trends and happenings around Asia through the lens of different people such as

(a) Industry watchers or correspondents from media who cover Asia as a whole,

(b) Business leaders within the technology or media industry who are operating within Asia, and

(c) Important global thought leaders coming from both startup, investor and business ecosystems.

Our podcast is constantly evolving to help the world to understand business, technology and media in a fast growing and evolving region.

Official Disclaimer: The opinions and thoughts expressed by the hosts of the show and his guests are strictly of their own and do not represent the views of the organizations which they work for, represent or invest in.