muru-D by Telstra with Charlotte Yarkoni & Annie Parker

muru-D by Telstra with Charlotte Yarkoni & Annie Parker
Charlotte Yarkoni & Annie Parker from Telstra joined us to discuss muru-D, the startup accelerator and how they have helped to grow startups across the globe and their current focus in Southeast Asia.

Charlotte Yarkoni, President of Telstra Software Group &, Annie Parker, co-founder of muru-D, the startup incubator by Telstra joined us in a conversation to discuss the story behind the digital startup accelerator which has expanded across globally from Singapore to Australia. Just before the first demo day event for muru-D Singapore, we discussed the thinking why Telstra, a notable telecommunications company from Australia has decided to set this initiative to incubate, help and accelerate startups across the globe and how the program works. Both Annie and Charlotte also shared the traits of interesting founders and companies and discuss why Singapore is the ideal launchpad for regional startups and entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Charlotte Yarkoni (LinkedIn, @Yark8231), President, Telstra Software Group and Co-Founder, muru-D
    • How did she get started in technology? [0:57]
    • References: What really counts by Charlotte Yarkoni.
    • From your roles across various corporations to high growth startup: EMC, VMWare, AT&T, what are the interesting career lessons she has learned so far? [3:22]
    • How does Charlotte manage a corporate role to run the Telstra Software Group and build the startup accelerator? What is her current coverage in her role as the President in the Telstra Software Group and co-founder, muru-D? [5:30]
  • Annie Parker (LinkedIn, @annie_parker), Co-founder, muru-D
  • muru-D (or Muru-Digital) the startup accelerator for Telstra (@murudsin – muru-d Singapore, @murudau & facebook page for muru-D Australia)
    • Telstra (wikipedia, Bloomberg), the largest Australia telecommunications company has expanded globally across the Asia Pacific, but at the same time, started muru-D, the startup accelerator across different countries: Australia, US and Singapore, how does Telstra engage startups via muru-D? [8:30]
    • How do startups gain access to muru-D via their startup program and do they get subsequently funding or mentorship? [11:24]
    • Does muru-D invest in any categories which are aligned with Telstra’s interests? [13:13]
    • What are the traits in founders or companies that are suitable to be part of muru-D? [14:55]
    • What are the interesting graduates from the muru-d program so far? Check out their porfolio. [16:40]

    • Why did Telstra decide to startup an accelerator in Singapore, given that it’s a relative small market in Southeast Asia? [21:07]
    • What makes Singapore an ideal launchpad for regional startups and entrepreneurs? [21:07]

Author’s Note: The recording is done in a cafe at Capitol Piazza, Singapore, and hence please pardon the quality of recording.

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