Facebook vs Asia Messaging Apps with Sameer Singh

Facebook vs Asia Messaging Apps with Sameer Singh
In the first part, Sameer Singh joined us to discuss the recent Facebook F8 announcements & analysed how it will impact Asia from messaging apps and advertising.

Sameer Singh from Tech-thoughts.net joined us in to reflect on the major themes that has been ongoing in the technology space from messaging apps to self driving cars. In the first part, we discussed the recent Facebook F8 announcements on their new chatbots platform and video live streaming. From there, we analysed the implications of Facebook’s announcements and examined how it will impact Asia from video advertising to messaging apps, thus foreshadowing an upcoming showdown against the Asian messaging apps such as Wechat and LINE. Finally, we also dissected the different business models behind artificial intelligence companies and how they will play in the technology space from the US to Asia.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Sameer Singh (Tech-thoughts.net, @sameer_singh17
    • If you have not heard Sameer, you can start with these past episodes starting from our very first episode of the podcast. [1:10]
  • Facebook F8 Announcements and its impact to Asia [1:31]
    • What are the major themes from recent Facebook F8 announcements? [Reference: the Verge] [1:41]
    • Does the F8 announcements impact the company from the near term, middle term or far in the future? [3:07]
    • What are chat bots and how do they work? [3:29]
    • Conversational UI vs Asia Messaging Apps in Asia: WeChat, LINE and Kakao Talk. [4:25]
      • How are they distinguished from apps on mobile? [4:30]
      • Wechat Official Accounts and how it distinguish from Facebook’s conversation UI [6:10]
      • Why did Facebook adopt conversational UI instead of adopting Wechat’s platform approach? [7:15]
      • Watson from IBM as an example of chatbot on banking sites in Asia [7:50]
    • What’s the path to victory for chat bots and apps? [10:30]
    • Why do Facebook use chatbots where the UI is not working in the emerging markets? [12:00]
    • Messaging app as a platform vs conversational B2C communication. [13:50]
    • The weakness of Asia messaging apps with artificial intelligence. [16:22]
    • What is Facebook is doing in video and live streaming? [16:45]
  • Artificial Intelligence [22:52]
    • Artificial intelligence are entering into devices and products, for example, iPhone – Siri, Echo – Alexa, Google – Google Now, Baidu. 
    • How does business leverage AI as part of their business model? [23:32]
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