Red Hat & Open Source in Asia with Harish Pillay

Red Hat & Open Source in Asia with Harish Pillay
Harish Pillay joined us to discuss Red Hat's footprint in Asia and the history & evolution of the open source movement in Asia.

In this episode, Harish Pillay, Head of Community and Architecture from Red Hat joined us for a conversation to discuss on the footprint of the open source enterprise software company across Asia. We discussed how Red Hat has evolved from a free Linux operating system in their early days to its present incarnation as an solution for enterprise. We discussed the history of the open source movement in Asia and we discussed the different cultural attitudes and how it has evolved from the 1990s till now.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Harish Pillay, Head, Community Architecture and Leadership for Red Hat (@harishpillay, LinkedIn)
    • How did Harish start out in technology business? [1:27]
    • From his various roles in your career, what are the interesting career lessons he have learned as a technologist? [3:30]
    • How did Harish cope with the transition from networks to Internet and then to the present day with mobility and Internet of Things? [5:10]
    • How did he come to embrace the open source philosophy that is now part of his career? [6:28]
  • Red Hat in Asia [8:14]
    • An introduction on Red Hat and how it has evolved into a major open source enterprise player in the market? (Red Hat is one of the Linux distributions, besides Debian, Ubuntu and etc) [8:21]
    • What’s his current role and coverage in Red Hat over the past 12 years? [12:52]
    • What are the major products in RedHat that focused enterprises within Asia Pacific? [14:15]
    • How has the adoption of open source products by enterprises changed? [18:15]
    • The open source software gained traction partly due to Google’s Android with mobile. What are Harish’s thoughts on this matter? [20:25]
    • What are the interesting business case studies for Red Hat in Asia? [21:25] 
  • Open Source Movement in Asia [25:00]
    • How did the open source movement started in Asia? [25:04]
    • What has changed in the past decade, for example, FOSS Asia? [27:01]
    • What is the impact of different cultures on coding across different Asian nations? [28:00]
    • Where does he see the open source movement in Asia for the next 5 years? [31:30]

Podcast Information:

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