Low Power Wide Area Networks in Asia Pacific with Charles Anderson

Low Power Wide Area Networks in Asia Pacific with Charles Anderson
Sameer Singh and our host Bernard Leong offer their five predictions to what will rock the Asia landscape in 2017 after a turbulent and unpredictable 2016.

Charles Anderson from Charles Reed Anderson & Associates joined us in a conversation on lower power wide area networks aka WANs in Asia Pacific and its significance to smart cities & Internet of things. Charles dissect the three major players: NB-IoT, LoRA & SigFox and their backers & operators behind the scenes and explained the critical factors that will enable this technology to go mainstream. We also discussed how low power WANs will be adopted by the telcos within the Asia Pacific region.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Charles Anderson (@CRASingapore, LinkedIn, main site), founder of Charles Reed Anderson and Associates. [0:44]
    • Re-introduction
    • Since our last conversation, what have you been up to?
  • Low Power Wide Area Networks (WANs) in Asia Pacific [1:40]
    • Can you give an introduction to Low Power WANs and why they are important in the smart cities and Internet of things? [1:40] 
    • What is the technology behind Low Power WANs? [2:46]
    • How are Low Power WANs deployed and their significance in a smart city setting? [3:38]
    • Which are the three major players for Low Power WANs? (Specifically NB-IoT, LoRA and Sigfox) [4:30]
    • What is the conundrum within the low power networks among the three players: NB-IoT, LoRA and Sigfox? [10:24]
    • How are the Asian OEMs (Samsung, Huawei) and telco operators (Docomo, China Unicom, SingTel and SoftBank) looking at Lower Power WANs and leverage the technology for their businesses? [13:54] 
    • Any possibility that any two within the three players of low power WANs to consolidate? [15:48]
    • What are the critical factors that low power WANs will succeed or fail? [16:58]
    • Where do you see lower power WANs evolve in 2017? [20:45]

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