4PL Logistics & Entrepreneur Mentoring with Paul Bradley

4PL Logistics & Entrepreneur Mentoring with Paul Bradley
Paul Bradley shared his thoughts on 4PL logistics & supply chain, his work with mentoring entrepreneurs and his efforts to give back to the global community.

Paul William Bradley, chairman and founder of the Caprica International joined us in a conversation to discuss business leadership, working with Asian family businesses, the future of logistics and supply chain in Asia and his role to guide and mentor entrepreneurs. In the final part of our conversation, Paul shared his thoughts on the fourth party logistics (4PL) & supply chain sector, mentoring entrepreneurs as an advisor & the work he has done in contributing back to society.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Paul William Bradley (@paulwbradley, LinkedIn), Chairman of Caprica International (@capricaint)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain in Asia [0:36]
    • The logistics and supply chain space have changed in the past few years with growing ecommerce trends. What do you define as the fourth party (4PL) logistics ? [1:00]
    • Is it because the traditional companies conflating commoditization with value creation in the logistics and supply chain space? [8:23]
    • Would you see the logistics infrastructure to be more on-demand and less optimised? [11:00]
  • Mentoring Entrepreneurs & Giving back to the global community [14:22]
    • You have also mentored startup founders for example, you sit on the board of OpenPort, how do you mentor the startup founders so that they go ahead with what they believe in disrupting the space? [14:22]
    • What is that advice that you give to founders what they should not do? [18:55]
    • Paul’s work with the B20 Group in Germany (under the G20) and Kairos Society and his reflections in giving back to the community [21:18]

Biography of Paul Bradley:

Paul W. Bradley has been involved in international business throughout his career, primarily in Asia. He has established new business entities in China, South East Asia, India and the United States and managed businesses across 14 countries. Mr. Bradley is the Chairman and CEO of Caprica International; Vice Chairman and Board Member of Supply Chain Asia; Asian Advisory Board Member for Avista-Houlihan Lokey Investment Bank; serves on the Industry Advisory Board for the S.P. Jain School of Global Management; and as a CEO Mentor and Strategic Advisor to several Asian companies.  He has also served on a number of corporate and organizational Boards, government advisory committees and is currently involved in several entrepreneurial ventures.

Mr. Bradley previously held senior leadership positions as Managing Director of IDS International (the Li & Fung Group); President of Arshiya International in India; and leading supply chain management and logistics companies including the HAVI Group/BDP Asia; NYK Line (Mitsubishi Group), and APL (NOL Shipping Group). Prior to his work in international business, he served as a Congressional Assistant in the United States Senate; as a member of the Presidential Inaugural Committee; and as a Parliamentary Assistant in the British House of Commons.  He is a frequent speaker at global conferences and universities and has been interviewed by leading publications and media.

Podcast Information:

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