Microsoft Enterprise in Asia Pacific with Ricky Kapur

Microsoft Enterprise in Asia Pacific with Ricky Kapur
Ricky Kapur joined us to discuss Microsoft Enterprise and its footprint in Asia Pacific & how it helps companies in Asia Pacific to tackle against digital transformation & disruption.

Ricky Kapur, the general manager from the Enterprise Group in Microsoft, Asia Pacific joined us to discuss the footprint of the Microsoft Enterprise in Asia Pacific. Ricky discussed how Microsoft is working with companies in Asia, leveraging on their technologies in cloud computing, AI and Internet of Things to tackle digital transformation & disruption.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Ricky Kapur, General Manager, Enterprise Group, Microsoft Asia Pacific (@KapurRicky , LinkedIn) [0:46]
    • How did you start your career? [1:23]
    • How did you end up joining Microsoft? [3:06]
    • In your career journey, what are the interesting lessons learnt? [4:22]
  • Microsoft Enterprise in Asia Pacific [5:38]
    • Can you give an introduction about Microsoft and its current focus in the enterprise? [5:56]
    • When we discussed the enterprise business in Microsoft, what are the products and services associated? [10:05]
      • Office 365
      • Microsoft Dynamics
      • Cortana (AI)
      • Yammer / LinkedIn
      • Skype
    • Specifically, can you talk about the Microsoft dynamics and how it is helping companies in the CRM space? [15:03]
    • Since we are in Asia, has Microsoft Enterprise localized some of their products particularly in the emerging and frontier markets? [17:21]
    • How does Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing environment distinguish itself from other competitors in the market? [19:52]
    • Specifically in the IoT and AI space where Microsoft has a strong foothold in, how do they incorporate them into the enterprise for the different industries out there? [24:06]
  • Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation
    • Most traditional companies in Asia are currently facing disruption and have created digital transformation programs to shift their company into the digital age, what do you see are the biggest challenges for these companies and how would they be able to solve it? [28:05]
    • What would be your advice to CIO or CDOs out there on thinking about digital disruption? [31:40]
  • Closing [34:30]
    • Can you recommend a book, TV show, movie or anything that you have found interesting recently? [34:35]
      • Ricky’s recommendation: “Extreme Ownership: How US Navy Seals lead & win” by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin
      • BL’s Recommendation: “High Output Management” by Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel.
    • How do my audience find you? [36:38]

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