The Trade Desk and Digital Advertising in Asia Pacific with Matt Harty

The Trade Desk and Digital Advertising in Asia Pacific with Matt Harty
Matt Harty discuss The Trade Desk & its current business footprint in Asia Pacific and his perspectives on key trends in digital & programmatic advertising.

Matt Harty, senior vice president of Asia Pacific for The Trade Desk, joined us to discuss the footprint of the programmatic advertising company and the major trends on digital advertising across Asia Pacific. From the start, Matt introduces the concept of programmatic advertising and explains how The Trade Desk works with their customers and expands their business offerings across Asia Pacific. We dived deeper in the importance of brand safety in programmatic advertising, the key trends in digital advertising in Asia Pacific and whether humans or AI should decide what we want to advertise in the future.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Matt Harty (@matt_s_harty, LinkedIn), Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific, The Trade Desk
    • How do you start your career? [0:57]
    • How did you end up joining the Trade Desk? [3:27]
    • In your career journey, what are the most interesting lessons you can share with my audience? [4:11]
  • The Trade Desk in Asia Pacific and Media Trends in Asia [5:06]
    • Introduction: The Trade Desk is a global technology company offering brands and media buyers a self-service platform to manage data-driven advertising campaigns. Founded by Jeff Green (CEO & Chairman) and Dave Pickles (CTO) and currently listed on NASDAQ.
    • Can you give an introduction to The Trade Desk and talk about its vision and mission for my audience? [5:32]
    • What is your current role and coverage for The Trade Desk? [7:08]
    • What is the current footprint of The Trade Desk in Asia Pacific? [9:26]
    • Can you introduce the concept of programmatic advertising and how it works as it is central to how The Trade Desk operates as a company? [10:26]
    • Who are the customers for the Trade Desk? [15:10]
    • Can you talk about case studies in Asia that have done programmatic advertising? [16:00]
    • What are the products and services that the Trade Desk helps to solve the customer’s pain points? [18:34]
    • Given that the recent backlash on Google and Facebook with the wrong digital ads appearing on the media assets of brands, how does The Trade Desk navigate against such risks? [22:13]
    • Given that you cover Asia Pacific, what are the key trends that Asia Pacific is leading the way in emerging media consumption trends?  [24:25]
    • What are the key challenges for a chief marketing officer in Asia Pacific today? [26:18]
    • Given the scale of the CMO needing to reach the audience, what do CMOs need to do by leveraging on big data and potentially AI in the future? [27:40]
    • Can we be totally rely on AI and automation for the most effective marketing or we still need to be guided by humans? [29:00]
    • Where do you see programmatic advertising go in the next 2-3 years? [30:57]
  • Closing [33:30]

Podcast Information:

The show is hosted by Bernard Leong (@bernardleong & weibo) and are sponsored by Ideal Workspace (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) with their new Altizen Desk (Twitter, Facebook, Medium). Sound credits for the intro music: Taro Iwashiro, “The Beginning” from Red Cliff Soundtrack and this episode is edited by Carol Yin, and co-produced by Carol Yin and Bernard Leong.