Google & Sustainability in Europe with Adam Elman

Google & Sustainability in Europe with Adam Elman
Adam Elman shares Google's key initiatives on sustainability in Europe and key takeaways from their initiatives.

Fresh out of the studio, Adam Elman, Head of Sustainability for EMEA at Google, shares the key initiatives of the company in Europe. We begin with Adam discussing his career journey, explaining how he came to lead key sustainability initiatives at Google and the innovative measures taken to enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. He highlights the Environmental Insights Explorer, the challenges of achieving 100% renewable energy, and the role of AI in sustainability. Adam offers valuable advice for companies starting their sustainability journeys and emphasizes the importance of engagement, transparency, and accountability. Last but not least, he describes what great would look like for Google in its sustainability efforts.

"We have these very ambitious goals and we've spoken about a few, but there are many others in Europe. In particular, the E.U. and countries like the U.K. have very ambitious climate goals. For Google, we want to be part of the solution. So, good for me is, we make progress on our goals in our own operations, but we really want to help others. And we actually have this as a global goal rather than a regional goal, an ambition to help others save a "gigaton" worth of emissions every year from 2030 onwards. A "gigaton" is the emissions of Japan, just to put that in perspective. So, I want a big slug of that to come from the work we are doing in helping companies and other organizations and individuals within my region to help them make more sustainable choices." - Adam Elman


  • Adam Elman, Head of Sustainability, EMEA, Google (Linkedin)
  • How did you start your career?
  • How did you eventually end up in your current role?
  • What are the lessons you can share about your career journey with my audience?

Google & Sustainability in Europe 

  • Google is renowned for its technological innovations, but can you start by telling us more about your role as the Head of Sustainability at Google? What does your day-to-day look like?
  • Google has been at the forefront of sustainability efforts. What are some of the key initiatives your team is spearheading to address climate change specifically for your region EMEA?
  • Google's data centres are reputed for their energy efficiency. Can you delve into the specific measures and technologies that make this possible?
  • AI plays a crucial role in modern technology. How is Google leveraging AI to enhance sustainability, and can you share some real-world examples of its impact on reducing carbon emissions?
  • What is the one thing you know that very few do about making sustainability initiatives work? 
  • Achieving 100% renewable energy matching is no small feat. What have been the major challenges and successes in maintaining this commitment over the years?
  • You mentioned the Environmental Insights Explorer during the GreenTech Festival panel which we are both on. Can you explain how it helps cities manage and mitigate their environmental impact?
  • With the rise of AI, energy consumption is a growing concern. How does Google manage the energy demands of its AI technologies, and what steps are being taken to minimize their carbon footprint?
  • Public and corporate engagement is crucial for sustainability. How does Google work to promote sustainability practices and raise awareness among the public and other organizations?
  • Transparency and accountability are key. What metrics does Google use to measure its sustainability efforts, and how do you ensure these are communicated effectively?
  • For companies that are just beginning their sustainability journey, what advice would you offer to help them enhance their practices and make a significant impact?
  • What does great look like for you with Google focusing on sustainability goals? 


  • Any recommendations which have inspired you recently?
  • How do my audience find you? 

Acknowledgements: Our host thanks the organizers of GreenTech Festival Berlin 2024, 16-17 May 2024 for the invitation to speak and moderate the panels at the conference. Do watch out for the GreenTech Festival Singapore on 21 and 22 Oct 2024.

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