Chain Debrief, Enlightened Rats, Metajam & Crypto Crash with Jacky Yap

Chain Debrief, Enlightened Rats, Metajam & Crypto Crash with Jacky Yap
Jacky Yap, founder of Chain Debrief, discuss the inspiration, vision & mission of the crypto media company & their NFT products from enlightened rats to Metajam.

Fresh out of the studio, Jacky Yap, founder of Chain Debrief, joined us to discuss the inspiration, the mission and vision of the crypto media company. We dived into how Chain Debrief focus on crypto education moving towards a learn to earn model, their NFT products with the first collection of Enlightened Rats and the recent major NFT event in Singapore: Metajam. Last but not least, Jacky offered his perspectives on the crypto crash instigated by the UST/Luna/Terra collapse.

"We teach people about all things crypto,  like we do a lot of stuff like how to do an uniswap, how to get your first NFT, which exchange is the cheapest for you? We're in a business of education and a resource and people do what they will with the information that we provide them. That's the inspiration behind changing people." - Jacky Yap


  • Jacky Yap, founder at Chain Debrief (LinkedIn, @jackyyapp)
  • How did you start your career?
  • You are also the founder of a well-known media outlet called Vulcan Post prior to setting up Chain Debrief, can you talk about its evolution after you move to Chain Debrief full time?
  • Throughout your career journey, what are the interesting lessons you can share with my audience?

Chain Debrief, Enlightened Rats, Metajam & Crypto Crash

  • To start, what is the inspiration behind Chain Debrief?
  • What is the vision and mission for Chain Debrief?
  • What does great look like for Chain Debrief?
  • Who is the audience for Chain Debrief?
  • What are the products and services provided by Chain Debrief to the customers?
  • Enlightened Rats is the first NFT collection launched by Chain Debrief. How did the concept come about?
  • What does it mean for a NFT collector owning an Enlightened Rat?
  • How do you work with other NFT collections in marketing in conjunction with Chain Debrief?
  • What is the mental model for NFT creators before embarking on selling them on Opensea?
  • From Enrats, we see the evolution of NFT collections that leads to the Metajam Asia event. Can you talk about the Metajam event, and even the NFT pass which your team has created for the audience out there?
  • What are the interesting collections that you have seen so far for NFTs presenting in the Metajam event?
  • How are you scaling this event across the region?
  • What are your thoughts on NFT collectors need to understand provenance as a way to value the art and does NFT collectors need to be in certain communities to gain value from buying them?
  • The last week was really tough for all the crypto investors and builders out there. Can you talk about the UST / Terra / Luna collapse which seemed to be the Lehman moment for crypto and how did that happen?
  • We have seen all algorithmic stablecoins fail in the past few years. Why did crypto hedge funds and investors still fall for this?
  • What are the implications with the UST / Luna crash for the builders of the Terra chain, the exchanges like Binance and investors out there?
  • What does this mean for investors and startups moving in the web3 space?
  • Is there a contagion that will spread from this event, for example, there is the USDT issue given that there are many USDT/UST pairs in the market?
  • What are the lessons which we can learn from this whole crypto crash?
  • Do you think that there will be regulation for stablecoins moving forward?


  • Any recommendations that have inspired you recently?
  • Jacky's recommendations: 1/ Ethereum and 2/ NFT markets.
  • How can my audience find you?

Disclosure: BL is currently an investor to Chain Debrief through a syndicate via Sharon Paul.

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