Digital Report 2024 and why Generative AI did not show up this time with Simon Kemp

Digital Report 2024 and why Generative AI did not show up this time with Simon Kemp
In the 7th year running, Simon Kemp shares the key takeaways of the Digital Report 2024 and explains why we are in the early days of Generative AI in digital media.

Fresh out of the studio, Simon Kemp, co-founder and CEO of Kepios joined us for the 7th year to discuss the Digital Report 2024 and its pivotal insights. The dialogue kicked off with Simon pondering AI's potential impact on his job, then swiftly moved to the report's core findings. Simon also explored how digital marketing and content strategies are evolving due to generational differences, underscoring the necessity for content creators to adapt across diverse social media channels. Last but not least, Simon addressed the current lack of comprehensive data to include generative AI in this year's report. Last but not least, Simon shared his anticipation for what's on the horizon in the coming year.

"The key thing that I realize every time I look at the data is that the media is telling us a lot of nonsense. I think that the one thing I know is that the data tells a very different story to the media headlines. So I suppose my advice there is, never to accept clickbait at face value. If you're building a marketing plan, do your due diligence, and check the data because the data always surprises me. The one thing I know is that I'm always surprised. There's your key takeaway.” - Simon Kemp


  • Simon Kemp (@eskimon, LinkedIn), Founder & CEO of Kepios
  • Since our last conversation, what have you been up to?

Digital 2024 Report & Why Generative AI did not show up with Simon Kemp

  • As always, I have followed your report for the past decade, what are the five most exciting takeaways for Digital Report 2024?
  • With over 5 billion social media user identities globally, what are the primary factors driving this unprecedented growth, and how is it impacting global communication and marketing strategies?
  • What implications do you see from the slight increase in the time people spend online, especially considering the balance between productivity and digital well-being?
  • How are e-commerce and search engine use evolving in the digital landscape, and what trends do you foresee in these areas?
  • With the variations in internet and social media usage across different countries, what strategies should global businesses adopt to reach diverse audiences effectively?
  • How do generational differences in online behaviour impact digital marketing and content strategies?
  • With social media increasingly used for entertainment, how should content creators and platforms adapt to this shift?
  • TikTok's "FYP" hashtag has amassed over 55 trillion views. What factors contribute most to TikTok's unprecedented engagement and success?
  • With TikTok users spending an average of 34 hours per month on the app, surpassing YouTube, what trends or shifts in content consumption do you think are driving this change?
  • Considering Discord's significant user base growth, can you share insights into how niche platforms are expanding their appeal to broader audiences?
  • LinkedIn now boasts over 1 billion registered members. How do you interpret the discrepancy between registered and actively engaged users on professional networks like LinkedIn?
  • What is the one thing you know about Digital in 2024 that very few do?
  • Given the headlines from generative AI for the past year, I am surprised by why you did not include ChatGPT usage or any information specific to that part of the sector. Have you seen any significant usage shifts due to ChatGPT, Midjourney or Runway showing up in your data? 
  • Amazon, Google and Facebook have implemented generative AI in different segments of their advertising business, for example, Amazon can generate product outlines and product placements; Google can do copywriting for ads and Facebook is slowly adding chatbot responses for small and medium businesses. In your perspective, how do you think Generative AI will change the dynamics of advertising? 
  • What would you have hoped to add to the Digital 2024 report that you did not have and what would be the most important data and insights you want to flesh out hopefully in 2025?


  • Any recommendations that have recently inspired you?
  • Simon's recommendation: How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp
  • Where can my audience find you?

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