The Apple iPhone 7 Event with Sameer Singh

The Apple iPhone 7 Event with Sameer Singh
Sameer Singh and I discussed the recent Apple iPhone 7 event on 7 Sep 2016 and whether the smartphone markets is undergoing structural changes across Asia.

Sameer Singh from joined us for a two parter conversation on the recent major events in technology & their impact in Asia. In this episode, we discussed the recent announcements which came out of the Apple iPhone 7 event and their implications to the smartphone industry. We also examined whether the new iPhone offered us a glimpse in the upgrade cycles and whether the smartphone is undergoing a major structural change across Asia. Finally, we take a look at Apple’s approach in the home and automotive market.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Sameer Singh (@sameer_singh17,, Industry Analysis Director for App Annie
    • Since we last spoke, what has Sameer been up to? [1:07]
  • Post Apple Event at 7 Sep 2016 [1:34]
    • What are the key announcements that came out of the Apple Event on 7 Sep 2016? [1:49]
      • iPhone 7 – Incremental Upgrade, Pricing – Incremental Upgrade, Pricing. (storage capacities)
      • Apple Watch Series 2 – Incremental Upgrade, Pricing, waterproofing. (storage capacities)
      • AirPods
      • Niantic with Pokemon Go watch app and Nintendo Super Mario game in iPhone.
    • What insights do the new Apple phone provide to the upgrade cycles and the underlying structural changes in the smartphone market with the ASPs for iPhones has gone up by $20? [4:09]
      • iPhone sales decline by 35% in India in Q2 2016. Do note that India never has a iPhone 6 bump. [6:40]
      • On the defensive: Apple says they won’t release first weekend pre-order numbers as “they are no longer representative” – What does this hint about supply and demand on the Apple iPhone 7? [8:23]
    • What are the important announcements that happened during this event pertaining to industry and to Asia? [9:40]
      • Are the features for the iPhone really for the future (ref: Jan Dawson), given the incrementalism? [9:58]
      • Apple trying to increase prices (Apple Watch Series 2 and iPhone 7 Plus) – Attempting to follow iPad Pro formula, raise ASPs among declining volumes. [11:50]
      • How Apple is adopting the FeliCa standards for their phones and watches in Japan and moving towards other regional standards. [13:17]
      • AirPods – Phil Schiller’s “courage” comment. [15:32]
      • W1 chip – a sign of Apple’s thinking about chip design and Internet of Things. [17:00]
      • Tendency of early adopters to go for products close to science fiction. Is voice U/I the next platform for developers? [18:30]
      • Amazon Echo, Amazon Prime and why it is gaining market share with Voice U/I. [19:30]
    • What’s Apple strategy for the home? Any hints from the event. [22:12]
    • Apple Car: Is it going to happen or not? (Source: NY Times) [23:30]

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