Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific with Vincent Loy

Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific with Vincent Loy
Vincent Loy from PwC joined us to discuss cybersecurity, financial crime and anti-money laundering in Asia Pacific and the best practices in how corporations should handle the challenges of security in the physical and digital world.

Vincent Loy, partner in financial Crime & cyber leader from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) joined us in a conversation on the trends in cybersecurity, financial crime & anti-money laundering across Asia Pacific and the implications of technology in fintech. We start with Vincent’s background moving from Singapore to US and UK where he has advised the Interpol & western governments till now in Asia.  Vincent shared his thoughts on how companies should think about cyber-security in different perspectives of people, technology and governance and the best practices in how businesses need to think about cyber-security.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Vincent Loy (@vjlpwc , LinkedIn), Partner, Financial Crime and Cyber Leader, PwC. [0:45]
    • How did you start your career? [1:09]
    • His career experience in cybersecurity. [2:20]
    • From your career as a consultant who has advised the Interpol, western governments till now in Asia, what are the interesting career lessons you can share? [3:19]
  • Cybersecurity, Financial Crime and AML in Asia Pacific [4:24] 
    • How do you define security in both the physical and digital world today? [4:24]
    • Can you talk about financial crime and anti-money laundering in general and why it might be important for financial services companies to rethink this? [5:19]
    • The complications with exponential technologies such as bitcoin and blockchain with cybersecurity. [6:12]
    • What are the key challenges for large organizations in dealing with cybersecurity? [8:00]
    • What are the common mistakes made by these organizations as we observe in the West such as the Sony and Target hack? [9:50]
    • What are the top 5 security incidents that Asian companies need to take note of? [12:24]
    • What are the first steps for companies to take on security? [14:51]
    • Does Asian culture or business practices towards cybersecurity different from their western counterparts? [17:20]
    • How should organisations set themselves up in cybersecurity, financial crime and anti-money laundering? [19:20]
    • Given the new wave of startups in fintech and insurtech which skirt around the regulatory tax, how does large companies stacked with compliance cope with the onslaught of these companies? [20:20]
    • What are the trends for financial crime prevention and anti-money laundering in Asia Pacific? [21:56]
    • Can organisations leverage on technologies to tackle financial crime and anti-money laundering? For example, biometric or fingerprint with smartphones to tackle the KYC issue? [23:11]
    • Are they any interesting case studies you can share on how Asian companies tackle cybersecurity? [25:22]
    • What do you see the area of cybersecurity in the next 5 years given its importance to CIOs? [26:17]


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