GE Digital in ASEAN with Wouter Van Wersch & Alvin Ng

GE Digital in ASEAN with Wouter Van Wersch & Alvin Ng
Wouter Van Wersch & Alvin Ng from General Electric, ASEAN discussed the footprint and coverage of GE & their impact in agriculture, aviation and healthcare across Southeast Asia.

Wouter Van Wersch & Alvin Ng from General Electric, ASEAN joined in a conversation to discuss the footprint and coverage of GE across Southeast Asia. We discuss how General Electric have been working to help traditional industries in digital transformation across ASEAN. We focused on their case studies and impact on agriculture, healthcare and aviation with their digital platform and how the Internet of Things will fundamentally transform the traditional business in Asia.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Wouter Van Wersch, President & CEO, General Electric, ASEAN (LinkedIn) and Alvin Ng, General Manager, GE Digital ASEAN (LinkedIn)
    • Introduction [0:40]
    • Role and coverage for Wouter Van Wersch and Alvin Ng in GE ASEAN (Southeast Asia). [1:06]
    • Can you give an introduction of General Electric ,the vision and vision and what they do to our audience? [1:56]
    • What’s the current coverage of GE in ASEAN? [3:40]
    • What are the interesting trends and cultural nuances that Wouter look at in Asia as compared to the rest of the world? [4:11]
    • Can you briefly talk about the GE’s strategy in digital transformation? [6:12]
    • How does enterprise mobility & Internet of things enable digital transformation? [9:30]
    • How does consumerization of enterprise technologies entering into traditional industries? [10:58]
    • Can you talk about the opportunities and challenges in getting traditional companies within ASEAN to embrace digital transformation? [12:17]
    • Do you see the role of artificial intelligence into digital transformation? [14:13]
      • Alvin’s discussion of the GE Predix as a big data and analytics platform.
    • Can you talk about some of the interesting case studies globally? [16:48]
      • P&G using GE Plant Pulse Optimiser [16:52]
      • Jaguar (Land Rover) [20:33]
      • Intel’s semi-conductor facilities
    • One interesting example is the role of GE in digital transformation is the space of agriculture, where most of Asia are involved, can you talk about the work your team has done with HARA – a precision agriculture solution by CI-Agriculture in Indonesia? [23:06]
    • What will be the most important things that one should watch for IoT in 2017? [28:52]

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