The Pulse of Livestreaming in China with Rhea Liu

The Pulse of Livestreaming in China with Rhea Liu
Rhea Liu from China Tech Insights, Tencent discuss the pulse of live-streaming in China from the supply chain and where the industry is heading.

Rhea Liu from China Tech Insights, Tencent joined us in a conversation on the pulse of live-streaming in China. We discussed the business structure & supply chain of livestreaming companies within China, the chronology on how the whole business have evolved from the desktop to mobile and what is likely to happen in 2017.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Rhea Liu, (LinkedIn, @yushan_l ), Analyst at China Tech Insights, Tencent (@CNTechInsights, Wechat: ChinaTechInsights)
    • Since our last conversation what have you been up to? [0:54]
  • The Pulse of Livestreaming in China [1:20]
    • How hot is the live streaming phenomenon craze in China look like? [1:29]
    • How do you define livestreaming and does it draw inspiration from platforms in the West? [2:16]
    • Examples of livestreaming platforms: 17, YY and 9158 [3:14]
    • What is the chronology behind the rise of livestreaming in China? [3:41]
    • Can the technology infrastructure within China support the livestreaming given the amount of heavy data requirements from video streaming? [6:42]
    • How lucrative is the livestreaming phenomenon in China? Can you provide some examples similar to YY? Example of Momo in China. [7:57]
    • What are the user demographics like for live-streaming phenomenon? [10:30]
    • Can you provide some understanding to how the live streaming business work in China? What is the value chain and business model today? [14:14]
    • Is it between the content providers and the livestreaming platforms? Are there any additional stakeholders at play? [16:49]
    • How are the flow of virtual gifts and advertising work in the livestreaming market [19:10]
    • What’s the income distribution of the streamer, talent agency and platform? [20:04]
    • Is E-Commerce the direct path for revenue in livestreaming [22:38]
    • What is the confidence from the capital markets with respect to the livestreaming market? [23:36]
    • What’s next for livestreaming this year in 2017? [26:11]

Here’s the diagram which showed the supply chain of the entire livestreaming market from the report (credits: China Tech Insights).


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