Cisco and Software & Network Transformation in Asia Pacific with Brink Sanders

Cisco and Software & Network Transformation in Asia Pacific with Brink Sanders
Brink Sanders discussed the footprint of Cisco and his perspectives on software and network transformation with the upcoming technologies from AI to quantum networks across Asia Pacific & Japan.

Brink Sanders joined us in an interesting conversation on the footprint of Cisco across Asia Pacific and his perspectives on software & network transformation across Pacific. We discussed Cisco’s coverage across Asia Pacific with their products and services and how they are helping to transform the landscape of Asia with their network technologies. Brink also shared his thoughts on the challenges of companies in Asia undergoing digital transformation and discussed the upcoming technologies from AI, blockchain to even quantum networks that will transform the networking industry for tomorrow.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Brink Sanders, (@brinksanders , LinkedIn), Managing Director, Software & Network Transformation, Cisco, Asia Pacific & Japan [0:38]
    • How did you start your career? [1:08]
    • In your career journey, what are the interesting lessons learnt? [2:26]
  • Cisco in Asia Pacific [5:07]
    • Can you introduce Cisco as a company and its current vision & mission to my audience? [5:14]
    • What’s the current footprint of Cisco across Asia Pacific? [8:12]
    • What is your role and coverage in Cisco? [11:11]
    • What are the problems that you are helping your customers to solve and what are the products and services from Cisco that helped enable that? [13:21]
    • What are the most interesting use cases which you can share with my audience? [17:42]
  • Perspectives on software & network transformation in Asia Pacific
    • What are the challenges to enable software and network transformation across Asia Pacific? [22:15]
    • Most Asian companies are currently undergoing digital transformation, where do you see Cisco’s place in the ecosystem? [26:15]
    • What are the interesting technologies within your area of coverage that you have seen in the US or elsewhere that will be important in the networks, for example, mesh networks, blockchain technologies and quantum networks? [28:13]
    • It is likely that Asia will be the first to launch 5G and this will jumpstart and enable new applications that will require more network capabilities such as autonomous vehicles from drones to self driving cars, what are your thoughts on this? [33:22]
  • Closing [36:10]

Podcast Information:

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