Proptech in Asia Pacific with Charles Reed Anderson

Proptech in Asia Pacific with Charles Reed Anderson
Charles Reed Anderson discuss the state of proptech in Asia Pacific from the most interesting startups such as Wework to traditional players such as JLL.

Charles Reed Anderson, founder of Charles Reed Anderson and associates joined us to discuss the state of proptech in Asia Pacific. Charles break down the real estate supply chain and discuss the key trends which are disrupting the real estate industry. We discuss how user experience and business model disruption are driving the current innovations in proptech such as Wework and how the traditional real estate players such as CBRE and Jones LaSalle are tackling these challenges ahead. Last but not least, Charles explained why the Asian counterparts in multi-national real estate companies are driving more innovation in proptech as compared to their US and European counterparts.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Charles Anderson (@CRASingapore, LinkedIn), founder of Charles Reed Anderson and Associates. [0:22]
    • What have you have been to since we last spoke? [0:26]
      • PropertyGuru summit in Thailand
  • Proptech in Asia Pacific [0:46]
    • Can you define what property tech or “proptech” in short for the industry? [1:04]
    • What does proptech do differently from or currently augment the traditional real estate supply chain? [1:34]
    • Does construction of buildings using drones by Komatsu, for example constitute as proptech? [2:35]
    • How about Wework and do they constitute part of the Proptech stack? [3:06]
    • What kind of products and services that are now making proptech interesting for the real estate industry? [4:03]
    • How about smartphones as part of the innovation that is propelling the proptech industry? [5:19]
    • What are the business model from proptech companies that sought to disrupt the proptech space? [7:03]
    • The importance of user experience in proptech for example, PropertyGuru and 99 dot co – where does the user experience enter into the business model and meet unmet demand? [8:11]
    • How does one values Wework as a company? Is it a technology or real estate company? [10:01]
    • Doesn’t that mean real estate is commoditized but the user experience allows it to disrupt and invest new business models? [12:10]
    • What are the traditional companies in the proptech space such as Jones LaSalle (JLL) and CBRE are doing?  [13:12]
    • We see the traditional companies building their own corporate incubators and accelerators. Will that model work for traditional real estate companies in proptech? [15:26]
    • Does the global real estate companies in Asia taking the lead as compared to their US and European counterparts? [17:07]
    • What are the interesting companies which we look at proptech? [18:35]
      • Demand Logic
      • Disruptive Technologies
      • Spacelytics 
    • What are the prospects of proptech in 2019? [22:21]
    • Other examples of proptech that are of interest: Kanterra and Preformatted Revolution.
  • Closing [25:20]
    • Can you recommend a book, podcast or anything else that has impact to your work and personal life recently? [25:34]
    • How do my audience find you? [26:34]

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