App Annie in Asia with Yu Junde

App Annie in Asia with Yu Junde
Yu Junde from App Annie joined us to discuss the footprint of App Annie in Asia Pacific.

Yu Junde, Vice President, Asia Pacific from App Annie joined us to discuss the footprint of App Annie in Asia Pacific. Starting from the origins of App Annie and how the company went from Beijing to San Francisco, Junde shared why Asia is the most interesting market in the world for mobile. We also discuss the reasons on why China has now surpassed US in iOS downloads and the interesting case of app monetisation in Southeast Asia where Google Play revenues are starting to exceed Apple iTunes Apps Store with the advantage of mobile career billing.

Here are the interesting notes and links to the discussion (with timestamps included):

  • Yu Junde, Vice President, APAC from App Annie. (LinkedIn, @junde)
  • His career before App Annie [0:48]
    • How did he get started in technology and ended up in China? [1:40]
    • A Singaporean in China: How did he move from a career focusing on web to mobile? [2:18]
    • How his experiences in mobile and the network in Beijing ecosystem got him connected with App Annie, starting from a consultant subsequently becoming the VP APAC for the company? [5:56]
    • What’s his role and responsibility for App Annie in APAC?
  • App Annie in APAC (Crunchbase) [8:50]
    • An introduction to App Annie. In fact, it started off from Beijing and now in San Francisco. Their current statistics: 825K apps using analytics, 90% of top 100 publishers, 83+ Billion downloads tracked and US$25+ billion revenues tracked. [11:20]
    • How does App Annie help the mobile apps owners from app market data analysis to app store optimisation? Products: App Analytics and App Market Data. [11:50]
    • How many countries do App Annie operate in Asia Pacific? [13:41]
    • Any interesting case studies in Asia where companies have used App Annie. The most useful tool for companies is the premium app data product for companies who owned mobile apps.  [15:17]
    • App Annie produce a market index, which provides a barometer of macro trends that are emerging in the app ecosystem across stores, countries and categories.
      • How is the index calculated? [19:00]
      • In the recent Q1 2015, one interesting insight is that China has surpassed US in iOS downloads. How did that happened, and particularly what categories are of interest? [21:35]
    • On an interesting report, App annie has produced for mobile gaming in Southeast Asia, and it’s noted that the combined mobile game downloads from Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines have exceeded South Korea, what are the emerging trends in terms of monetisation and what apps are hot in the region? An interesting insight which came up is that Google Play revenues is starting to exceed iTunes App Store, and it’s accelerated when the emerging market start having carrier billing for the Android Google Play store. [26:04]

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