The Shortest Interview with Jenny Lee from GGV Capital

The Shortest Interview with Jenny Lee from GGV Capital
A short interview with Jenny Lee from GGV Capital and we discuss how she got started in venture capital, investing from US to China, and her investment thesis.

In this episode recorded during the RISE Conference, we got the shortest interview in our podcast history with Jenny Lee from GGV Capital. In this episode, Jenny Lee discussed how she started in venture capital and offered her perspectives on start-up investments from US to China, from how both cultures differ from management styles to innovation, and what her investment thesis is as it evolved across the different times from the PC to mobile era and now the new internet of things world.

Here are the interesting notes and links to the discussion (with timestamps included):

  • Jenny Lee from GGV Capital (First female investor to reach top 10 of Forbes Midas List 2015, and 5 years consecutively on the Midas List). You can also see her interview in CNBC.
  • How did she get started in the world of venture capital? Her portfolio included YY, UC Web, eHang Technology, Xiaomi, hiSoft [0:40]
  • An introduction to GGV Capital and also note that her colleague Hans Tung was a guest on the show. [1:41]
  • GGV Capital cover both US and China markets. What are the important differences between them when you make investments in the respective geographies for example, founder traits, management styles and ideas? [1:50]
  • What is Jenny’s investment thesis? [8:40] Reference: Jenny Lee & Hans Tung, “Internet of Things means never having to search again“, Fortune.

Producer’s Note: The actual interview was actually twice as much as what we have. Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch and a fellow media journalist for interrupting the podcast, we are unable to recover the 2nd half. We sincerely apologize and hope that we can get Jenny back for another interview sometime in the future.

Podcast Information:

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