Tableau in Asia with JY Pook

Tableau in Asia with JY Pook
JY Pook from Tableau Asia Pacific & discuss the footprint of the company in Asia and key trends on big data and analytics.

Sitting in the Tableau Asia Pacific headquarters, we interviewed JY Pook, the vice president, Asia Pacific for Tableau, a NYSE listed data analytics software company. We start from JY’s early career in data to his current role in Tableau. In the conversation, we discussed Tableau’s footprint in Asia, and how Tableau has helped companies such as Hotel Quickly and Metro (a retailer in Asia) to extract insights from their data quickly and translate them into effective business outcomes. Finally, JY Pook offered his observations and advice on best practices in the data analytics space.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with timestamps included):

  • Career of J Y Pook [0:37]
    • J Y Pook, Vice President Asia Pacific, Tableau (LinkedIn
    • How did JY get started in technology, focusing on the enterprise business? [0:48]
    • Being in the enterprise space throughout his career (Business Objects, FICO, Onyx software), what are the lessons he has learnt in your career? [2:06]
    • How did he end up joining Tableau and set up the APAC headquarters in Singapore? [4:53]
  • Tableau in Asia Pacific [6:04]
    • An introduction to Tableau (Google Finance, Bloomberg), founded by Christian Chabot, listed in NYSE and now with a market Capitalisation: US$6B. [6:14]
    • How do companies out there utilise products and services in Tableau? [7:08]
      • Tableau Desktop
      • Tableau Server and Tableau Online
      • Tableau Public: do data story telling with a visualisation dashboard
    • Interesting case studies with Tableau in Asia Pacific [9:03]
      • Hotel Quickly [9:21] (Connecting business travelers with hotels, serving 6 markets more than 6K hotels)
        • What is the process in working with Tableau to get the insights?
        • How did Hotel Quickly leverage on Tableau to gain insights about their business?
      • Metro [12:00] (Retail company)
        • What is problem which Metro is trying to solve with Tableau?
        • How did Metro leverage on Tableau to gain insights on their retail business?
  • General Trends in Data Analytics [15:15] 
    • What do you see are the trends in data analytics? In the process of building data analytics, which areas do you see companies in Asia working on: data collection, data curation, data analysis and data insights learning? [15:21]
    • What are the best practices for companies in digital transformation to think about data analytics and visualisation so that they can drive effective business outcome? [19:40]

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