Enterprise Mobility in Asia Pacific with Charles Reed Anderson

Enterprise Mobility in Asia Pacific with Charles Reed Anderson
Charles Reed Anderson, Head of Mobility and Internet of Things Asia Pacific, IDC, joined us to discuss all things enterprise mobility in Asia Pacific.

Charles Reed Anderson, Vice President, Head of Mobility and Internet of Things Asia Pacific, IDC, joined us in a conversation to discuss all things enterprise mobility in Asia Pacific. We discussed the recent report “Enterprise Mobility in Asia Pacific 2015” by IDC, where we defined the landscape of enterprise mobility, the key trends in how Asian companies are making decisions on the mobile device model and vendor selection, rules of governance from company to their users, the priorities for the companies in adopting mobility as a new channel, and last but the least, the threats and challenges that Asian companies faced in enterprise mobility. Last but not least, Charles also discussed the maturity level of countries in Asia Pacific in the adoption of enterprise mobility and which companies in countries within the Asia Pacific are likely to move up the enterprise mobility ladder in the next 12 to 24 months.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with timestamps included):

  • The story of Charles Reed Anderson (@CRASingapore, LinkedIn, IDC), Vice President, Head of Mobility and Internet Things Asia Pacific, IDC
    • How are he get started in his area and eventually come to IDC to cover technology and business particularly in the areas of mobility and Internet of things (IoT)? [1:23]
    • What are his thoughts as mobile has undergone a major transition from a Blackberry to an Android & iOS era? [2:45]
    • What are his areas of coverage in IDC? [3:35]
  • Enterprise Mobility in Asia Pacific [4:02]
    • Reference: Enterprise Mobility in Asia Pacific 2015
    • What is the definition of enterprise mobility and who are the users? [4:09] 
    • Why is enterprise mobility important in Asia given that Asia is a mobile first world? [6:11]
    • Which mobile device model does most companies in Asia use? iOS is stronger in ANZ and Singapore. [6:40]
      • An observation on Asian companies moving from a “Bring your own Device” (BYOD) to a “Choose your own Device” (CYOD). Which model are Asian companies moving towards? [8:01]
      • A short discussion mobile device management vendors to split the personal and business information on mobility [9:09]
      • Positive and negative trends on mobile devices selection model [9:35]
    • What are the most important challenges inhibiting mobile adoption? [11:50]
      • What are the ways to mitigate some of these challenges? 
        • Upgrade cycles of mobile OS adoption (iOS and Android)
        • Department budgets and ROI.
    • How are Asia prioritising their mobile initiatives within the next 12-24 months? [16:25] 
      • What are the interesting business applications in enterprise mobility?
      • How are software as a service models and consumerization of enterprise apps such as dropbox, slack are changing the vendor selection model process?
    • Tablets in Asia [20:24]
      • Are more companies switching from PCs/laptops to tablets? [20:38]
      • What are the common usage of tablets in enterprise? [21:48]
      • Is it mainly for internal use or external use with customers? Any interesting use case? [22:22]
    • What are the top attributes in selecting the vendor? [26:01]
      • Different types of vendors from system integrators to telcos are offering enterprise mobility solutions.
      • Dealing with legacy systems.
    • What are the top mobile threats for the enterprise? [27:24]
      • Perceived threats vs real threats.
      • Setting of mobile policy for employees in Asian companies.
  • 2015 Enterprise Mobility MaturityScape [29:35]
    • Based on the Asia Pacific Enterprise mobility MaturityScape 2015 Methodology, what are the objectives, sample size & evaluation criteria? [29:46]
    • How are the five stages of maturity characterized? [30:30]
    • How are the Asia Pacific countries on the enterprise mobility maturity scape 2015?

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