Innovation, Global Challenges & Asia Healthcare with Claudia Olsson

Innovation, Global Challenges & Asia Healthcare with Claudia Olsson
Claudia Olsson shares her perspectives on innovation, global challenges, and her extensive experience on healthcare in Asia. 

In this episode, Claudia Olsson, founder of several startups (Exponential AB, Stellar Capacity AB and Catalyse Delta Group) and former senior advisor to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on technology and innovation trends joined us for a conversation on innovation global challenges and Asia healthcare. Drawing from her experience in the Singularity University, Claudia shared her story of setting up Access Healthcare in Singapore, Philippines and India and examples on how Asia has pioneered some of the most interesting ideas in healthcare that can be mapped back to the Western World. Finally, she discussed one of her current startups Stellar Capacity AB and her current consulting project with the Global Challenges Foundation.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with timestamps included):

  • Claudia Olsson (LinkedIn, @claudia_olsson, personal site)
  • Career of Claudia Olsson 
    • How do she get started in the area that intersect business, technology and innovation? [1:05]
    • What are the interesting lessons that she have learned in your career, working in the areas of innovation and healthcare? [1:55]
    • What is her perspectives on innovation? Is it incremental or a big step transition? [3:07]
  • Singularity University
    • She has spent some time in Singularity University, what are the interesting areas of innovation she have seen in there? [4:40]
    • As she has served as an advisor to the Global Grand Challenges to the Singularity University, what are the interesting areas which most innovators are looking to? [7:34]
  • Access Healthcare and Healthcare in Asia
    • Subsequently, she has spent a few years with Access Healthcare International via Singapore / Hyderabad. What is her role there? (Reference: “Outstanding Claudia Olsson: Affordable Healthcare for All” Page 9 of ISSUU) [9:50]
    • Are there any interesting lessons and best practices from Asia on healthcare that can be mapped back to the Western world? [12:50]
    • Are they any interesting observations and trends in Asia where you can share in general [16:30]
  • Senior Advisor to Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
    • What are the interesting areas that she has provided long term strategic analysis for the Swedish government? [18:09]
  • Current Startups: 
    • Stellar Capacity AB aka Swedish for Professionals [20:34]
      • What does the organisation do?
      • How does it help internationals to learn the language and explore professional opportunities in Sweden?
    • Consulting group aka Catalyse Delta Group [22:30]
      • What does the group do and how does it leads innovation work for companies, government and academia
      • Current project: Global Challenges [23:36]
        • You have recently joined as a consultant for Global Challenges. What are the interesting global challenges that the organisation are working on?

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