Insurance & CXA Group in Asia with Rosaline Koo

Insurance & CXA Group in Asia with Rosaline Koo
Rosaline Koo, CEO & Founder of CXA Group, joined us to discuss the trends of insurance in Asia, women in leadership and how her digital startup poised to solve one of the biggest issues in employee benefits.

Rosaline Koo from CXA Group joined us for an interesting conversation on how she is building a digital company focusing on employee benefits and insurance across Asia. We discussed how she started from an interesting background of cybernetics and headed to work with startups and corporate turnarounds from US to Asia, and subsequently to her current high growing startup, the CXA Group. In the conversation, Rosaline shared the backstory of CXA Group, the interesting steps in how she handled her fundraising, and built her team that most Silicon Valley companies can’t solve: gender diversity. Last but not least, Rosaline discussed the topic of women in leadership and the challenges that women leaders faced in their home and workplace and offered her advice for the future.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Rosaline Koo (@rozchowkoo, LinkedIn, CXA Group) – CEO and founder of CXA Group
  • Career of Rosaline Koo
    • How did you get started in cybernetics first and subsequently ended up in the area of business?
    • You have led startups and corporate turnarounds for 25 years in US and Asia, what are the interesting lessons you have learnt in your career?
    • Before CXA Group, you worked in Mercer and expanded the business across 14 countries with 800% growth, how did you decide to move forward to set up CXA Group?
  • CXA Group
    • What is the mission of CXA Group? What is the problem that CXA Group is trying to solve?
    • Who are the customers for CXA group?
    • The primary mission of CXA group is to transform the current healthcare spend into a benefits and wellness program where employees choose their path to good health. How does the platform facilitate that?
    • How does the platform cater to the various stakeholders: (i) employers, (ii) employees, (iii) providers and (iv) distributors?
    • In starting up your company, how do you acquire your initial customers?
    • CXA Group has managed to secure interesting clients such as Google and AMEX, and how did you and your team manage to secure them?
    • In starting CXA Group, you have made a couple of interesting moves: (i) acquiring a brokerage, (ii) taking a bank loan and (iii) raising venture capital money, what are the challenges you have faced in putting the fundraising together in this whole company together till this state?
    • What are the interesting trends in healthcare and insurance you are observing in Asia and how is that different from US and Europe?
  • Women in Leadership
    • What will be your advice to men and women in leadership?
    • For women in leadership roles, it is often difficult to balance between family and career, what is your advice to women in pursuing their career?

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