Glints & Human Resources in the Age of AI with Oswald Yeo

Glints & Human Resources in the Age of AI with Oswald Yeo
Oswald Yeo, CEO and co-founder shares the story of Glints from its origin till its present state and what generative AI means for the entire cross-border talent acquisition in Southeast Asia.

Fresh out of the studio, Oswald Yeo, chief executive officer and co-founder of Glints joined us in a conversation to discuss how the startup has helped companies from all over the region to build out their talent hubs across Southeast Asia. We began the conversation with Oswald as he shared the journey of Glints and the importance of focus to find the product-market fit till scaling the company across the region. He shared his valuable insights on the application of generative AI in the human resources sector, particularly emphasizing its utility in cross-border recruitment and talent sourcing. Last but not least, he shared his vision on what great would look like for the startup in the future.

β€œ[Glints] We would like to still be around and building an enduring company. A big part of why many of us at Glints are building what we want is we hope that our children and grandchildren can be using Glints to grow their careers as well. So we want this to be an enduring company. Our mission is to help realize human potential. And we would like to be a company that's here to last. That's one. Two, concretely we see a lot of opportunities in the platform business and in our cross-border business. We want to double down in this market, getting to market leadership in the market we're playing in, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and also expanding out to new markets for cross-border recruiting, helping employers around the world tap into their 300 million labour force in Southeast Asia, helping them to hire the people here." - Oswald Yeo


  • Oswald Yeo, CEO and co-founder of Glints (LinkedIn, @Oswaldyeo
  • Let’s start with your origin story, given I have known you and your entire team since the days when all of you started in the former Joyful Frog Digital Incubator aka JFDI, how did you start your career and eventually end up starting Glints?
  • Can you share the key lessons that you have learned from your career journey?

Glints & HR in the Age of AI

  • Can you provide a comprehensive overview of Glints and share its vision and mission with my audience?
  • What is the total market opportunity for human resources across Southeast Asia and how is Glints poised to capture and create value for companies?
  • I hear about the concept from you on the borderless mindset. What does it entail and can you elaborate on how Glints is promoting and facilitating this mindset in the talent industry? 
  • What advantages does this approach bring to employers and job seekers and how does it align with Glints' mission?
  • Southeast Asia is a diverse region with varying talent needs and dynamics. What are the current trends you're observing in the talent landscape across different SEA countries, and how does Glints tailor its approach to cater to these unique markets?
  • Glints has come a long way from its early days when you used Google Sheets to onboard a few employers and candidates. Can you share some pivotal moments that propelled Glints' growth into a 6 million talent platform with 60,000 employers?
  • Building a successful startup often involves learning from mistakes. Could you elaborate on some of the key challenges or setbacks Glints faced in its early stages and how these experiences influenced the company's trajectory?
  • Identifying the right product-market fit is crucial for startups. Can you walk us through the process of how Glints found its sweet spot in the talent industry? What were the signs that you were on the right track?
  • What is the one thing you know about Glints and the HR industry in Southeast Asia that very few do?
  • Who are Glints's current investors, and how do they help Glints as the company grows? [Source: TechCrunch]
  • Fundraising can be challenging, especially during economic downturns. What advice are you for founders seeking to secure funding in uncertain times? Are there any strategies or approaches that worked well for Glints?
  • As talent technology continues to rise in SEA, how do you envision Glints' role in shaping the region's future of talent acquisition and development? Are there any specific innovations or strategies you're excited about?
  • Generative AI is having a significant impact on various industries, including talent acquisition. Could you share some specific ways in which Glints is leveraging AI to enhance the hiring process? 
  • How has Generative AI influenced strategies for talent acquisition and retention?
  • What does great look like for Glints in the next decade?


Podcast Information: Bernard Leong (@bernardleongLinkedin) hosts and produces the show. Proper credits for the intro and end music: "Energetic Sports Drive" and the episode is mixed & edited in both video and audio format by G. Thomas Craig (@gthomascraigLinkedIn).