HERE Technologies and Digital Map-Making in the Asia Pacific with Jason Jameson

HERE Technologies and Digital Map-Making in the Asia Pacific with Jason Jameson
Jason Jameson breaks down the footprint of HERE Technologies and shares the key trends in the digital map-making industry across the Asia Pacific

Fresh out of the studio, Jason Jameson, general manager, and senior vice president for Asia Pacific in HERE Technologies discussed the company's focus to broaden the location intelligence across the Asia Pacific and talked about the key trends in the digital map-making space. We start off with Jason's background from IBM to HERE Technologies and then dive deep into the current developments in the region. Last but not least, he shares where the digital map-making industry will be heading and how it will impact autonomous driving and smart cities in the future.

"Mapping the world is really an infinite exercise. We're on this journey to create this digital representation of the physical world - buildings, places, things, everything. This is going to be very critical. And that extra precision, that greater resolution as we support businesses to comply with all sorts of things - be it even new regulations ... And then of course, the other key trend is the ongoing rise of AI and automation. And as you have better insights and location, that will support better optimization of supply chains and those smart cities and all sort of stuff that will lean on location technology." - Jason Jameson


  • Jason Jameson, General Manager and Senior VP for Asia-Pacific at HERE Technologies (LinkedIn)
  • We begin with your origin story. How did you start your career?
  • What are the important lessons you can share based on what you have learned through your career journey?

HERE Technologies & Digital Mapmaking in Asia

  • Can you provide a comprehensive overview of HERE Technologies, its global vision and mission, and what it set out to do?
  • Can you talk about the total market opportunity and applications for digital maps and what it means for the Asia Pacific region?
  • How are digital maps produced in the Asia Pacific region and incorporated into HERE technologies for your customers?
  • What is the one thing you know about digital map-making that many do not know about the business?
  • What is the business footprint for HERE Technologies in Asia Pacific?
  • What are the customer stories you can share about HERE Technologies in Asia Pacific?
  • Recently HERE Technologies announced the development of UniMap. How did the company decide to develop and what is its product differentiation against other mapmakers in the market?
  • How does a business benefit from using or building on Unimap?
  • Let’s switch gears to discuss the broader landscape for digital mapmaking. Can you share the present state and key trends in the digital mapmaking business and how they evolved from 10 years ago?
  • Given that a majority of the landscape in the Asia Pacific is in remote areas (Australia and Indonesia), how do we accurately map those areas?
  • Given the rise of decentralization technologies such as blockchain, what are your thoughts if there is a web3 company challenging the current digital mapmaking space?
  • What does great look like for HERE Technologies?


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