Lenovo Solutions and Services Group & the Future of IT Services & AI with Arthur Hu

Lenovo Solutions and Services Group & the Future of IT Services & AI with Arthur Hu
Arthur Hu discussed Lenovo's SSG, its role in AI and sustainability initiatives in the Asia Pacific.

Fresh from the studio, Arthur Hu, SVP & Chief Information Officer at Lenovo, discussed the transformative role of the Solutions and Services Group (SSG) in the era of Generative AI. He shared his career journey and Lenovo's mission to assist customers end-to-end in their journey with the Lenovo Solutions & Services Group (SSG). Hu explored SSG's impact and Lenovo's sustainability initiatives in the Asia Pacific. He emphasized the promise of AI for businesses, including Lenovo's approach and shared a glimpse into the future of SSG's contributions to the tech landscape in the Asia Pacific and beyond.

"Now the fundamental motivation is customers don't just want to buy a server, right? They want to buy an outcome. They want something to happen. They want to get business value. So, the SSG [Services & Solutions Group] is Lenovo's pivot to meet our customers where they are, and also to lead our company into the future because as they have more sophisticated requirements, they need a simple way to manage and deploy all that I T across their organizations. When they want that holistic view, providing the services via something which is now SSG gives them that integrated offering. In a single contract, they can focus on using their technology in a smarter way. So that's where the SSG is within the context of Lenovo, and as the technology and delivery officer, I'm responsible for helping think about how new technology can make the experience better. It can make the outcomes better for our customers, as well as running the teams that are often because we have managed services that are delivering for customers 24 by 7. All year round. And so the global team of delivery network and experts is also what I run to help bring those outcomes to the customers today." - Arthur Hu


Lenovo Solutions & Services Group (SSG in short) & The Future of IT Services & AI

  • Could you give our audience a snapshot of Lenovo, its overarching goals, and its mission?
  • Can you explain the function of the Solutions and Services Group (SSG) and describe your specific responsibilities within this division?
  • With your unique position of holding both the CIO and CDTO titles, how do you differentiate the two roles and manage the demands of each?
  • Who primarily benefits from the services of the Solutions and Services Group?
  • How does Lenovo approach problem-solving for its customers?
  • Are there any notable success stories from the Solutions and Services Group in the Asia Pacific that you can share?
  • What is the one thing you know about the Lenovo Solutions and Services Group that not many people do?
  • The Lenovo Global Study of CIOs 2023 emphasised ESG as a novel area of focus for CIOs. How is Lenovo utilizing technology to champion sustainability, particularly in the Asia Pacific?
  • Considering the Asia Pacific's economic stature, how have Lenovo's green initiatives aided its clientele in the region to align with the rising demand for tech solutions that also benefit society?
  • As we gaze into the horizon, what potential hurdles and prospects do you anticipate for Lenovo and the wider tech sector in the Asia Pacific?
  • With the IT services domain undergoing rapid changes and DaaS and Cloud solutions predicted to experience significant growth by 2025, which sectors in the Asia Pacific do you believe are well-equipped to thrive despite challenges like inflation and talent gaps?
  • Do you have any words of wisdom for emerging tech leaders and pioneers in the region, especially those aiming to drive change through tech?
  • In light of the recent advancements in AI, particularly with technologies like Chat-GPT and generative AI, where do you see the most promising opportunities for businesses?
  • How does Lenovo view AI, and how is the company assisting its clients in navigating this AI-centric era?
  • Our traditional closing question: What does great look like for Lenovo SSG in the coming decade?


  • Any recommendations (books, movies, TV series or anything else) that have inspired you recently?
  • Arthur's recommendations: "The Cult of Smart" by Federik Deboer and Burn Rate by Andy Dunn
  • How can my audience find you?

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