Qualtrics & Experience Management in the Asia Pacific with Brigid Archibald

Qualtrics & Experience Management in the Asia Pacific with Brigid Archibald
Brigid Archibald shares the concept of experience management for businesses & the business footprint of Qualtrics in the Asia Pacific.

Fresh out of the studio, Brigid Archibald, managing director in Asia Pacific and Japan, Qualtrics, joined us in a discussion on the business footprint of the experience management company and the key trends in the region. We started with Brigid's background and her experience in B2B sales and then proceed into how Qualtrics is working with companies to improve their customer experience. Last but not least, she discuss the key trends in the experience management space & advised what the potential call to action are for executives.

"I think there are three main things. The first is the continuation of the strategic investments that we are making across the regions in the markets that we serve. The second one is an acceleration of our ecosystem, because our partners play such an important part in the success of our customers and also themselves and us as well, and the third one is really innovation. The constant innovation on our platform is critical and there is no sign of that slowing down as we look forward to 2023 and beyond." - Brigid Archibald


  • Brigid Archibald, Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, Qualtrics (@BrigidArchibal8, Linkedin)
  • How did you start your career?
  • From understanding your career on Linkedin, you have worked in many key enterprise companies before Qualtrics: Salesforce and HP. What have you learned from these companies in thinking about business-to-business sales?
  • What key lessons can you share with my audience in your career journey?

Qualtrics & Experience Management in the Asia Pacific

  • Can you provide a comprehensive overview of Qualtrics as a global company (which was acquired by SAP in 2019 and taken to public listing in NASDAQ) which worked with 17,000 organisations globally to manage their customer and employee experience programs?
  • Can you introduce the concept and the total market opportunity of experience management which is the practice of designing & improving products, services & experiences for businesses and other organizations and how Qualtrics deliver value for their customers?
  • What are the problems which Qualtrics are purporting to solve for the customers?
  • How does Qualtrics help customers determine and resolve bad user experiences?
  • What are the profiles of customers who will adopt Qualtrics?
  • In Asia Pacific, can you describe some key customers in different countries who are adopting Qualtrics and what are their use cases?
  • What is the one thing you know that many people do not know about Qualtrics?
  • Based on the report that Qualtrics has published on annual employee experience trends recently, what are the critical trends in redefining how employees are thinking about work in the Asia Pacific & Japan (Reference: The 5 EX trends to know in the Asia Pacific & Japan in 2023)
  • What should executives do in response to these trends?
  • Another study suggested businesses in Southeast Asia are risking US $165 billion in revenue due to poor CX. What’s your advice to leaders to address this?
  • We’ve seen a lot of change in CX and EX over the last few years - what do you think is ahead for 2023?
  • What would great look like for Qualtrics in the Asia Pacific for the next few years?
  • The references which were mentioned during our conversation: 1/ Qualtrics 2023 Employee Experience Trends Report, 2/ Qualtrics 2023 Global Consumer Trends Report, 3/ Experience management in action, 4/ Centre for Experience Management Innovation in Singapore


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