Stripe and the Innovation of Financial Infrastructure in the Asia Pacific with Mike Clayville

Stripe and the Innovation of Financial Infrastructure in the Asia Pacific with Mike Clayville
Mike Clayville, chief revenue officer of Stripe shares the business footprint of Stripe and how it adapts and innovates with the Asia Pacific region.

Fresh out of the studio, Mike Clayville, Chief Revenue Officer of Stripe, joined us in a conversation discussing Stripe's business in the Asia Pacific and shared invaluable insights into the evolution of financial infrastructure. Mike dived deep into how Stripe is adapting and expanding while at the same time with interesting customer stories in the Asia Pacific. He delved into Stripe's current innovations specifically on online payments & financial infrastructure within the dynamic Asia Pacific region. Last but not least, Mike shared the key trends in the financial infrastructure landscape and defined what great would look like for Stripe's future in APAC.

“Stripe isn't just payments. We actually build economic infrastructure for the global economy. And so we've got a lot more technology beyond payments. Our Stripe Tour is a cool venue where we get a chance to bring customers, partners and thought leaders together and talk about the current state of technology and future technologies - in a local Asian context. So it's been a lot of fun. And by the way, we're really enthusiastic about Asia here at Stripe. Not only because 60 per cent of the world's population is in Asia, but also because the Asian markets are very tech-forward. And you can see that by just looking at global trends, sometimes Asian markets completely leapfrog the trends like what happened to mobile. And so you got this great market that's huge, that's really tech-forward. And there's so much innovation possible.” - Mike Clayville, chief revenue officer of Stripe


    • Mike Clayville, Chief Revenue Officer, Stripe (Linkedin, Stripe Main Site)
    • We start with your origin story. How did you start your career and eventually land your present role as the chief revenue officer at Stripe?
    • In your career journey, what are the key lessons you can share with my audience?

Stripe & the Innovation of Financial Infrastructure with Mike Clayville

    • To start the conversation and to guide my audience, can you provide a comprehensive overview of Stripe and its mission and vision globally?
    • Can you share the total market opportunity for online payments in the Asia Pacific region and explain the role of Stripe in helping businesses from large enterprises to small and medium businesses to facilitate their commercial transactions?
    • Stripe has always been at the forefront of online payment solutions. Can you share some of the latest tech innovations Stripe has introduced recently?
    • How does Stripe ensure that these innovations cater to the unique needs of the Asia Pacific market?
    • What is the one thing that you know about Stripe that very few people do? 
    • With the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, is Stripe exploring or integrating any solutions in these areas for the Asia Pacific region?
    • Security is paramount when it comes to online payments. How are Stripe's innovations ensuring safer transactions for both businesses and consumers?
    • Can you share some of the common challenges enterprises in the APAC region have brought to Stripe's attention regarding online payments?
    • On the flip side, how do these challenges differ when we look at startups or smaller businesses in the region?
    • Stripe has a vast clientele, from startups to established enterprises. How does Stripe tailor its solutions to cater to such a diverse range of businesses in the Asia Pacific which is comprised of the developed, emerging and frontier economies?
    • Can you share success stories of enterprises or startups in the APAC region that built their commercial success with Stripe's solutions?
    • With the ever-evolving business landscape, especially in the tech-savvy APAC region, how does Stripe plan to stay ahead and continue to offer relevant and efficient payment solutions for both enterprises and startups?
    • Our traditional question: what does great look like for Stripe in the Asia Pacific? 
  • Closing
    • Any recommendations that have inspired your life?
    • Mike's recommendations: His inspiration is the oncological nurses in the United States, the people who dedicate their lives to helping others in times of challenging times of their lives.
    • How can my audience find you?

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