This Week in Asia #11: Deja Vu, TikTok Ban

This Week in Asia #11: Deja Vu, TikTok Ban
Here are the key stories in week 11 of 2024: The TikTok Ban from the US congress and its fate yet to be determined, the ambitions of COMAC, China's answer to Airbus and Boeing and the secrecy behind Pinduoduo and Temu.

In our 11th issue, the TikTok ban dominates the headlines of every major news outlet from the US to Asia. We have done a deeper dive and curated the news sources that will help you work out whether TikTok is going to be forced to divest and how it is going to work for them moving forward. Other than the TikTok ban bill by the US Congress, we shared the ambitions of COMAC, China's challenger to the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing in Southeast Asia, the secrecy behind Pinduoduo and Temu and Silicon Box's investment to build a $3.5B AI factory in Italy. We have added an events section and our podcast is now a media partner for Super AI. Last but not least, our host has recently dropped by Jeremy Au's Brave SEA podcast and shared his thoughts on being a 2nd-time startup founder and the high-level idea behind his new enterprise AI startup.

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China: This week is all about the TikTok Ban

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The image is generated with DALLE-3 from OpenAI by the following prompt: "Generate an image on the US banning TikTok App with people protesting outside the US Congress" with Gen ID: "cawALt1t0PJokW0d". The artwork depicting a scene outside the US Congress, with people protesting the ban on the TikTok app, has been created. It captures the diverse crowd, their signs and banners, the Capitol building in the background, and the use of smartphones by protesters, reflecting a peaceful but energetically charged atmosphere of civic engagement. By the way, DALLE-3 still cannot generate words on pictures properly.