This Week in Asia #12: China's AI, Semiconductors & EV Race against the US

This Week in Asia #12: China's AI, Semiconductors & EV Race against the US
Here are the key stories in weeks 12 and 13 of 2024: China is progressing with AI, semiconductors and EV race and Bytedance refuse to divest TikTok.

In our 12th issue, we looked at China's AI, semiconductors and EV race against the US. The key one to watch out for is in semiconductors where Huawei pioneered a new technique that can cut reliance on advanced ASML lithography machines. Of course, things have slowed down on the TikTok front, with Bytedance taking the official stance that they would not divest the company. Of course, Japan has finally ended negative interest rates and we examine the most important issues that dominate the Asia Pacific after the Easter holiday in 2024.

What we are reading this week


China's AI, Semiconductors and EV race

The TikTok Ban in the US Saga continues

Crypto Bad Boys


Southeast Asia

Infographic of the Week: Alibaba's Shattered Dreams by Bloomberg as the company walks back much of its grand breakup plan.

Credits: Bloomberg

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